Policymaker Roundtable

About MNN’s Policymaker Roundtable Series:

In 2016, MNN launched its Policymaker Roundtable series, which brings together MNN members and government leaders to have candid conversations about issues impacting the nonprofit sector.

We believe these meetings will not only benefit our members, but also increase the awareness and support for the vital work nonprofits undertake each and every day.

Please note, the roundtables are only open to members of MNN. To find out more about membership or to join, click here or email us at membership@massnonprofitnet.org.

2017 Policymaker Roundtables:







Secretary of Administration and Finance Michael Heffernan, November 20, 2017



Representative Jeffrey Sánchez, July 26, 2017

JLF Head Shot






Senator Jennifer Flanagan, May 16, 2017



2016 Policymaker Roundtables:

Ronald L. Walker, II, Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development, December 12, 2016



Marylou Sudders, Secretary of Health and Human Services, September 14, 2016



Mary Beckman, Assistant Attorney General, April 15, 2016



Karen Spilka, State Senator, January 26, 2016

Support of the 2016 Policymaker Roundtable series was provided by the Hyams Foundation through its Special Opportunities Fund.