Affiliate Benefits

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MNN-logo bulletProfile in the popular online Professional Directory

Level: Standard, Advantage, Premium

Having your business listed in MNN’s popular online Professional Directory is a simple but effective opportunity to gain visibility for your business. Our online directory is open to the public and is visited by hundreds of nonprofit and business professionals each month. Your profile in the directory will include your business logo, description, and a link to your website. As of January 1, 2015, the directory will be significantly upgraded to increase web traffic and make it easier for visitors to find the goods and services you offer.

MNN-logo bulletOne-time listing in electronic newsletters SectorNews & MemberNews

Level: Standard, Advantage, Premium

SectorNews is MNN’s biweekly newsletter that reaches 7,000+ nonprofit and business leaders across the state and features news and resources important to the business and nonprofit communities, including a listing of MNN’s new and returning affiliates.

MemberNews is a monthly newsletter sent exclusively to 1,800+ MNN members highlighting new and returning affiliates along with special resources, event updates, and cost-savings to help them be more effective and efficient.

A listing in MNN’s electronic newsletters is an effective way to showcase your company’s unique value to a targeted, nonprofit audience.

MNN-logo bulletAccess to attend or sponsor MNN events

Level: Standard, Advantage, Premium

MNN holds multiple events across the state each year to provide nonprofit leaders with vital tools and resources and the opportunity to network with peers. Events include regional round table discussions to MNN’s two signature events: MNN’s annual conference, which this year featured speakers from Harvard Business School and MIT and drew over 650 nonprofit and business leaders to learn about and engage in innovative practices, and Nonprofit Awareness Day, a celebration of the impact of the state’s nonprofit sector held each year at the State House and featuring local politicians and the presentation of MNN’s Nonprofit Excellence Awards.

These events are closed to other for-profit businesses, and the ability to attend or sponsor an event is a valuable opportunity to connect with nonprofits from across the state.

MNN-logo bulletAbility to post events in SectorNews

Level: Standard, Advantage, Premium

As an affiliate member, you have the ability to list upcoming events and trainings you are hosting in MNN’s SectorNews, reaching 7,000+ potential attendees. Listing an event in SectorNews is an effective way to increase visibility and attendance.

MNN-logo bulletUnlimited job postings in MNN’s highly-trafficked online Career Center

Level: Standard, Advantage, Premium

Boasting jobs in every category and at every level, MNN’s popular online career center reaches hundreds of individuals across the state every day. Affiliate Members have the unique opportunity to post an unlimited amount of listings free of charge, providing increased visibility of the employment opportunities within your company and significantly boosting your chances of finding the right person for the job.

MNN-logo bulletMNN Affiliate Member badge

Level: Standard, Advantage, Premium

As an Affiliate Member, you’ll receive a digital MNN Affiliate Member Badge to showcase your support for the nonprofit sector and the important work nonprofits do in communities on your website and in printed materials.

MNN-logo bulletOpportunity to author a Nonprofit 411 article

Level: Advantage, Premium

Authoring a Nonprofit 411 article gives you the opportunity to share your industry expertise and highlight your company, while providing valuable knowledge to nonprofit professionals.

Nonprofit 411 articles are featured on MNN’s website, in the biweekly SectorNews, and through our social media.

You can view the 411 guidelines here. Email for topic and schedule availability.

MNN-logo bulletOne free ad in MemberNews

Level: Advantage, Premium

MNN’s MemberNews is a targeted email that reaches 1,800 members every month and focuses on opportunities and savings specifically for MNN members.As an Advantage or Premium member, you have the unique opportunity to advertise your company in this exclusive email and improve your exposure within the nonprofit community.

You can view the ad sizes here. Email for space availability.

MNN-logo bulletSocial media spotlight 2x or 4x/year

Level: Advantage, Premium

As the voice of the nonprofit sector in Massachusetts, MNN has an extensive social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Advantage and Premium members can leverage this network through promotion on all of these channels; Advantage members receive promotion twice a year and Premium members receive promotion once every quarter.

This regular exposure for your company from a trusted source in the nonprofit community increases your company’s online visibility.

MNN-logo bullet25% Discount on SectorNews advertisements

Level: Advantage, Premium

Advertising in SectorNews is an effective way to gain increased exposure to thousands of nonprofit and business professionals. As an Advantage or Premium member, you’ll be able to highlight your company’s services at 25% off the standard rate.

You can view the ad sizes here. Email for space availability.

MNN-logo bulletWebinar Partner

Level: Advantage, Premium

As an Advantage or Premium member, you’ll have the opportunity to present the training content for a MNN hosted and promoted webinar. Webinars are a great way to share important skills with professionals from the nonprofit sector while increasing exposure of your company’s expertise.

Webinars are scheduled on Wednesdays and are available on a first-come basis. Please contact for available dates.

MNN-logo bulletDiscount on all event metallic sponsorship levels

Level: Advantage, Premium

Advantage and Premium members have the opportunity to be highly visible sponsors at MNN events attended by hundreds of nonprofit and business professionals at a discounted rate.

Metallic sponsorship allows you to increase visibility and brand awareness, while also showing your support of the nonprofit sector. Advantage members save 25% on sponsorship and Premium members save 50%. You can learn more about sponsorship here.

MNN-logo bulletLogo recognition on MNN’s Supporters page

Level: Premium

Catching your audience’s eye is important. Premium members stand out on our Supporters page by having their logo featured prominently. This logo placement is in addition to a listing in the Professional Directory.

MNN-logo bulletTraining Partner

Level: Premium

Premium affiliate members have the ability to present the training content for an event hosted and promoted by MNN. This is an invaluable opportunity for face-to-face exposure that is available only to Premium members. Build relationships while helping provide nonprofit professionals with the skills and resources they need to be more effective and efficient.

MNN-logo bulletOpportunity to mail MNN members 1x/year

Level: Premium

Premium affiliates have the exclusive opportunity to send a mailing to MNN members once a year. The ability to send a piece of collateral —whether it’s a postcard, brochure, or magazine— directly to MNN members means that hundreds of nonprofit professionals from across the state will become acquainted with your brand and the work you do.