2017 Policymaker Roundtable: Senator Jennifer Flanagan

JLF Head Shot

On May 16, Senator Jennifer Flanagan joined MNN for our first Policymaker Roundtable of 2017. Launched in 2016, MNN’s Policymaker Roundtables bring together MNN members and government leaders to have candid conversations about issues impacting the nonprofit sector. Senator Flanagan is on the Board of Directors for the nationally recognized Women in Government, and serves as Chair of the Massachusetts Caucus of Women Legislators. She is also a member of the Regional Transportation Authority Caucus, the Gateway Cities Caucus, the Non-Profit Caucus and the Foster Care Caucus. Senator Flanagan shared her own background in the human services sub-sector, which has given her an understanding of both the impact of nonprofits, and the challenges they face. She encouraged attendees to reach out and invite their legislators to come see the work their organizations are doing in their communities so that both nonprofits and policymakers can continue to collaborate effectively.