2016 Policymaker Roundtable: Senator Karen Spilka

MNN Kicks Off Policymaker Roundtable Series 

“Passion for creative ideas… Innovative solutions… That’s why the sector here is so strong”- Senator Karen Spilka

It was a full house on January 26, 2016 for MNN’s first Policymaker Roundtable, during which Senator Karen Spilka, Chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, shared her personal experience and answered questions for more than 40 of MNN’s members.

aab85d98-bb64-4561-9cc4-acfe5fc70152From her early career in education to her work in the Senate, Senator Spilka’s many roles have been guided by her personal experience, which she views as having come full circle. And on the eve of the release of Governor Baker’s budget, information from Senator Spilka regarding the budgeting process, and how she approaches line items, was particularly pertinent.

Senator Spilka reminded attendees that public officials rely on nonprofit leaders to learn about the issues organizations face on a daily basis, which prompted the question: what is the best way to educate public officials on topics that are critical to the nonprofit sector? The Senator’s advice: “Make your information concise. Come prepared with a one-pager that contains 2-3 of the most important points. And personalize the request to the official you are speaking to.”