2019 Policymaker Roundtable: Senator Eric Lesser

Thank you to everyone who attended the MNN Policymaker Roundtable featuring Senator Eric Lesser.

In his remarks, Senator Lesser recognized the important role that nonprofits play in serving as the “eyes and ears on the ground to see what’s working” in the communities that they serve. The Senator messaged the importance of ongoing and enhanced collaboration between the nonprofit and public sectors to tackle the state’s most pressing issues, including transportation, food insecurity, and civic education.

Senator Lesser also spoke about engaging the millennial generation on civic and political participation, noting that while some may be disenchanted with the current political climate, many millennials seek to be “a part of something greater” than themselves.

Thank you to Senator Lesser joining MNN and its nonprofit members. Thanks as well to the Barr Foundation for hosting the event.

The 2019 Policymaker Roundtable series is sponsored by Comcast NBCUniversal.