Advocacy & Policy

One of the most important elements of MNN’s mission is to advocate for policies that support Massachusetts nonprofits and against those that make it more difficult for nonprofits to pursue their charitable mission.

To achieve these ends, MNN works with legislators and elected and appointed officials to educate them and garner their support. MNN also works with nonprofits across the state to involve them in these efforts through education and engagement at critical points in the legislative process.

MNN’s Public Policy Agenda

The Massachusetts Nonprofit Network (MNN) is the voice of the nonprofit sector, bringing together nonprofits, funders, community and business leaders, and elected officials to strengthen nonprofits and raise their voice on critical issues. Critical to MNN’s mission is a robust public policy agenda focused on three goals important to the entire nonprofit sector:

  1. Helping the people served by nonprofits
  1. Strengthening nonprofits’ ability to serve people and communities
  1. Ensuring fair tax policy and supporting accountability

You can read the full agenda here.

MNN’s Policymaker Roundtable Series

This series of members-only meetings across the state brings together MNN members and government leaders throughout the year. We believe that expanding MNN’s policy and advocacy work will benefit our members and increase the support for the vital work nonprofits do. Learn more about MNN’s Policymaker Roundtable.

Commonwealth Insights

MNN’s Commonwealth Insights publications highlight policy, issues, and trends important to the nonprofit sector. In each edition, we feature data and stories that illustrate the full depth and breadth of the nonprofit sector in Massachusetts. See past editions of Commonwealth Insights.