Excellence Awards FAQ’s

2014 MNN Excellence Awards FAQs

Q: How do I nominate an organization for the Excellence Awards?

A: Complete the nomination form online at www.massnonprofitnet.org/nominate by Tuesday, March 4th.

Q: Can I self nominate?

A: Yes.

Q: Can an organization or person be nominated for more than one category?

A: Yes, but separate applications must be completed for each category. Organizations or individuals with more than one application will only be eligible to be selected as a Finalist in one category.

Q: Are previous winners eligible to be nominated?

A: Previous award winners are not eligible.

Q: Are previous Finalists eligible to be nominated?

A: Yes. Previous Finalists are eligible to be nominated.

Q: Do I or the nominee have to be a member of MNN to nominate/qualify?

A: No. All registered 501(c)3 organizations or individuals associated with 501(c)3 organizations in Massachusetts are eligible.

Q: How are the awards judged?

A: A panel of nonprofit leaders and experts from across the state reviews the submissions and selects the Finalists based on the criteria listed on each nomination form. After the Finalists are chosen, the judging panel again reviews each of the Finalist nomination forms to choose a winner in each category.

Q: What is the deadline for applying for the Excellence Awards?

A: The deadline for nominations is March 4th. Finalists will be announced on April 28th. Winners will be announced at Nonprofit Awareness Day at the State House on June 9th.

Q: How are winners and finalists recognized?

A: Winners are recognized at the Nonprofit Awareness Day event at the State House, an event that is attended by nonprofit leaders from across the state and Legislative and Executive leaders, including the Governor, who has been invited again this year. All Finalists are listed in the event program and are recognized from the podium, and winners are announced at the event. Finalists and winners also receive an award certificate and press across the state is notified.

Q: When did the awards begin?

A: In 2009, the first Excellence Awards were presented at the inaugural statewide Nonprofit Day celebration, a state holiday that was recognized and signed into law by Governor Deval Patrick in 2007. Each year, Nonprofit Awareness Day is celebrated on the second Monday in June.

Q: How many nominations did you receive last year?

A: Last year we received more than 150 nominations, and, with the great accomplishments of the nonprofit sector, we anticipate even more this year.

Q: Who can attend Nonprofit Awareness Day?

A: Everyone is invited to attend Nonprofit Awareness Day to help to celebrate the nonprofit sector and all of the Excellence Award winners and finalists.  Space is limited so register early to reserve your spot.