First Nonprofit

Massachusetts Nonprofit Network has partnered with First Nonprofit to provide state compliant, individually insured, cost-saving options to satisfy SUTA (State Unemployment Insurance Tax) requirements of its 501c3 nonprofit and government members.

How First Nonprofit Helps:

Nearly 30 years ago, First Nonprofit (FNP) set out on its mission to fix a major problem impacting
nonprofits: Nonprofit employers were forced to choose between paying the overpriced State
Unemployment Insurance (SUI) tax for this mandatory insurance cost and exposing their organization to
unforeseen risk by self-insuring their unemployment claims. To address this, FNP designed programs
that allow 501(c)(3) nonprofits, tribal and governmental entities to take advantage of the savings that
comes with reimbursement financing while minimizing risk.

Whether you are looking to lower your unemployment costs, minimize claim liability, reduce the stress
on your workforce associated with the claims process, or simplify other aspects of the employment life
cycle such as recruiting or developing your staff, FNP has safe solutions for you!

Summary of Benefits:

Massachusetts Nonprofit Network members will receive an additional 20% discount on the one-time enrollment fee!  

  • Up to a 40% savings on SUI taxes
  • Multiple unemployment programs to fit your organization’s needs
  • Unemployment claims management, hearing representation & auditing
  • Live HR consultants and continuing education
  • Recruiting tools: job description builder, benefit document creator, salary comparisons, etc.
  • Budgetary certainty with a fixed, annual unemployment cost and flexible payment plans\
  • Posting of state mandated collateral & surety bonds

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Contact Cecilia or Julie with any questions:

Cecilia Piazza, Vice President of Member Services

Julie Wallace (Ferdinando), Regional Director