Accounting/Financial, HR & IT Services

Cambridge Savings Bank

Cambridge-Savings-BankCSB @ Work is a voluntary workplace program is designed to help employees reduce financial stress through onsite education and 1-on-1 consultations. Research shows that improving an employee’s financial health leads to an increase in their job productivity and satisfaction.

The key components of the CSB @ Work program include:

  • Financial Education Workshops with practical tips on how to get your money working for you;
  • A dedicated banking team to help make your financial goals a reality;
  • Convenience of worksite appointment banking with modern investing tools & online banking;
  • Exclusive savings and discounts on Cambridge Savings Bank products and services.

More information on the CSB @ Work program can be found here.

The CSB @ Work program is free to members of MNN. To join MNN, click here. To sign up for CSB @ Work, visit this page and enter the member password.

Insource Services, Inc.

Administrative Assistant

Insource Services will provide all new customers with four hours of services at no cost in one of the areas listed below, so your organization can experience the benefits of outsourcing with Insource. Here are a few examples of possible services that can be accessed through this membership offering:*

Accounting & Finance:

  • Assessment of a key finance component (e.g. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, etc.)
  • Creation of a financial reporting dashboard
  • Chart of Accounts analysis—review and make suggestions to strengthen the functionality of your Chart of Accounts

Human Resources:

  • Review personnel files for compliance and efficiency
  • Review current benefit offerings and suggest enhancements and administrative efficiencies
  • Conduct an initial compliance and HR process assessment

IT Management:

  • Setup of IT checklists for new employees, new computers, or removing users
  • Analyze email setup, spam prevention, etc.
  • Network analysis/IT analysis on backups, virus protection, security, speed, cost of ownership, etc.

*This is a partial list. Insource will work with you to find the service that best fits your organization’s needs. To access this member benefit for your organization, please contact Tracy Poliseno, Business Development Coordinator at