#Nonprofitsmakesense Campaign

NPAD homepageThank you for partnering with MNN and Citizens Bank for our 2017 #nonprofitsmakesense social media campaign! Together, we’ll show residents, funders, nonprofit and business leaders, and elected officials across the state just how important and impactful the Commonwealth’s nonprofits are.  The best way to engage in the online conversation is by sharing stories, stats, images, and videos with the #nonprofitsmakesense hashtag to showcase the work you do in your local community. The campaign kicks off TODAY and will continue for the four weeks leading up to Nonprofit Awareness Day, presented by Citizens Bank.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Post often!
  • Encourage your social media friends and followers to join the movement (e.g.: “Let’s work together to make sure everyone knows why #nonprofitsmakesense and join the local movement with @ma_nonprofitnet & @CitizensBank”).
  • Post pictures of your volunteers and staff (with their permission) hard at work.
  • Highlight stats on how your organization helps the community (e.g.: “Last year we helped X,XXX people find permanent housing #nonprofitsmakesense”).
  • Facebook has started to prioritize videos to show up on your newsfeed. Take advantage of this by taking short videos of your volunteers and staff and have them explain why your work is critical.
  • Print out this sheet and have your staff, volunteers, or constituents fill it out then share it online with the hashtag #nonprofitsmakesense.
  • Engage with your audience when they are online the most. On Facebook you can see when people who have liked your page are logging on. Use this knowledge to post when there are peak followers online.
  • Try to use square images as they will take up more room on the Facebook feed and thus have more impact when people are scrolling through your feed.
  • When using different social media accounts post, include all of your social media handles to gain followers on different platforms.
  • Download any of the following images and share with your social media friends and followers.
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