Public Awareness

MNN is recently led a statewide public awareness campaign titled “Making Communities Stronger” with the goal of raising public awareness about the great work the nonprofit sector is doing in Massachusetts. The tag line, “Nonprofits are efficient, effective, and essential,” was the focus of our message.

The focal point of the campaign was a public service announcement featuring Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein and his brother Paul, who, with Theo, co-founded the Foundation to be Named Later. The television and radio airing of this PSA was part of the statewide coordinated media effort. In partnership with local organizations, the campaign includes articles and information on the MNN website, local news stories, and op-ed pieces. The PSA and other media efforts illustrated how nonprofits are making communities stronger because they are efficient, effective, and essential.

View the PSA here!


Participating Organizations

The organizations involved with the campaign represented all eight regions of Massachusetts. We helped with story ideas and provided them materials, which include tips on writing press releases and cultivating relationships with reporters.

Below are the organizations who worked with their local media:

News Coverage

The Dorchester Reporter published an op-ed about funding cuts to health centers. The op-ed was co-written by Harbor Health Services, Inc. and MNN.

Click here to see the PDF of the May 26, 2011 issue and scroll to page 11.

Television airing of PSA

To date, the following television channels are airing our PSA:

  • CBS Channel 4 in Springfield
  • ABC Channel 5 in Needham
  • PAX Channels 58 and 68 in Boston

The PSA was seen on Channel 5 before the last episode of Oprah!

Nonprofit Excellence Awards

The Nonprofit Excellence Awards are part of Nonprofit Awareness Day, which was held on June 13, 2011. The awards provided additional opportunities to highlight how nonprofits make communities stronger because they are efficient, effective, and essential. The campaign worked to publicize the incredible winners of the awards, which showcase the amazing work of the sector.

For more information about the awards and the day as a whole, visit our Nonprofit Awareness Day page.