Express Grant

With Express Grants, you can receive a 50% reimbursement for pre-approved training. Once you’ve selected a course from the list of 10,000+ pre-approved courses, apply for the grant, pay for training up-front, attend training, submit receipt and proof of attendance, then receive reimbursement within 30 days.

Funding Available: Up to $3,000 per employee per calendar year; limit of $30,000 per organization

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Organization has fewer than 100 employees
  • Training must be job related
  • Grant does not cover mandatory trainings (e.g. OSHA)
  • Organization can cover the cost of training up-front
  • General WTFP eligibility:
    • Organization contributes to WTFP through contributory Unemployment Insurance payments
    • Participating employees must be on payroll in Massachusetts
    • Organization has current Certificate of Good Standing (dated within 6 months) and is not debarred from doing business in MA


Information for Trainers:

Course Registration Process

  • Training providers must register all new courses with TrainingPro
  • Select the option on the right for “First Time User? Sign Up”
  • Complete the registration page with all the required fields. You will need a primary contact person and will also need your FEIN and DUA ID (Division of Unemployment Assistance ID, available on your quarterly tax report or your tax rate notice)
  • Once your profile is completed, you will need to add at least one course to complete your profile.
  • Add at least one course and complete all fields as requested
  • Training providers must email to request that the course be reviewed and registered.
  • Once a complete registration has been reviewed, Commonwealth Corporation will formally register the course, making it available for applicants to add to their grant application. Commonwealth Corporation will notify the training provider that the course has been formally registered.


  • The training provider must have been in business for a minimum of two years
  • The training provider must be in full compliance with all obligations to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • All grant funded expenses must be the direct cost of the delivery of training, must be consistent with the course as registered, and must be reasonable
  • The course must be consistent with the purpose and policy of the Workforce Training Fund
  • The course is pre-existing and have been offered within the past year
  • The course is available generally, and have not been specifically designed for the Express Program
  • Businesses are not legally mandated to provide the courses to their employees. An example is courses that are required by OSHA

Companies may only request grant funding for pre-registered training courses listed in the TrainingPro Course Directory. TrainingPro is a free, online service that allows training providers to register their courses for selection by grant recipients.  Through the use of TrainingPro, providers are able to update and add courses at any time.  Once registered, companies may apply for a grant to pay for a portion of the cost of the registered training course. All course registration, logistics, payment and other arrangements are made between the training vendor and the company.

The Workforce Training Fund Program is administered by the Commonwealth Corporation, a quasi-public entity under the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. For technical questions about the grant applications or requirements, please visit