Nonprofit Research Reports

MNN serves as a resource for the nonprofit sector as a whole by supporting, conducting or collaborating on research projects that allow nonprofits to improve their policy environment or to engage in best practices organizationally. Below are some examples. If you are aware of any particularly strong resources that should be added to this list we would appreciate it if you would alert us to them.

PILOT Information

View MNN’s PILOT FAQ sheet here. These following sources do not necessarily reflect the views of MNN, but may be used for informational purposes.

Social Impact Bonds

The following articles do not necessarily reflect the views of MNN, but may be used for  informational purposes.

Nonprofit Health Insurance Project

MNN launched the Nonprofit Health Insurance Project (NHIP) in January 2009 in collaboration with the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation to identify strategies and inform policies to enhance the accessibility and affordability of health insurance coverage for Massachusetts nonprofits and their employees. To do this, MNN assembled a task force of highly knowledgeable and qualified experts from various organizations and sectors; membership was diverse and included representatives from both legislative and executive branches of state government, advocates, nonprofit leaders, and health policy experts. Additional expertise was sought on a consultative basis to further develop the group’s deliberations.

Collaborative efforts with other nonprofits

Additional Information on the Massachusetts Nonprofit Sector