Nonprofits must make smart use of technology; too little wastes money and human resources and too much wrongly selected or applied can do the same.

Technology plan

A technology plan can help your organization manage its technology.  It can be part of your strategic plan or a stand-alone plan.  Here is more information about putting one together.

Affordable technology and software

The following sites offer discounted services, software, and equipment to eligible nonprofit organizations.

Servers and shared data

If your organization isn’t already linked to a server or is on a network, here is some useful information to help get you started.

Technology funding

Do you need funding for capital equipment and other technology items?  Here are some websites that list funding opportunities.

Computer maintenance

Need help with computer problems or figuring out what type of maintenance should you do?  Read on for more information.

Secure data

Keeping your data secure is critical to legal compliance and good management.  Here are some ways to go about it.

Links to other technology resources