411-Leadership and Management

Commitment to the organizational mission is critical for sucess- but not sufficient.  key to fulfilling that mission is good leadership and management practices.

Strategic plan

A strategic plan is essential for nonprofit organizations.  It’s basically a long-range plan that spells out where an organization is headed and how it will get there. Here is more information about what is and why it is so important.

Business plan

While the strategic plan looks at the big picture of your organization, a business plan focuses more on a program or service.

Operating plan

An annual operating plan or work plan is integral to an organization’s success.  The operating plan breaks down the goals of the strategic plan into measurable components.

Information about an operating plan is at the end of this link, after the strategic planning section.

Program evaluation

These days it’s even more important for nonprofits to be accountable to their mission, the public, and their funders.  Evaluation is crucial for programs, as well as the organization itself.

Outcome measurement

One of the most common forms of evaluation is outcome measurement.  You can use it for any type of program or department.

This link contains organizational assessment tools, a logic model builder, and an evaluation plan builder.  Free registration is required to use the site.

Integrated planning

Here are some ways you can take your planning to the next level with integrated planning.

Managing employees

Managing employees can be both challenging and rewarding.  The links below can help you be a more effective manager.

Leadership succession

It is inevitable that an executive director will leave an organization at some point.  Here are ways you can ensure a smooth transition.    These guidelines can also be helpful as other staff transition from your organization.  No matter what level of staff is transitioning, it is important to have all job responsibilities documented.

Organizational evaluation and development

Organizations need to do periodic self evaluations.  Here are some ways to go about it

A common evaluation tool is the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis.  The following link also includes templates.

Boards and governance

The board of directors provides guidance and oversight to nonprofit organizations.  Is your board effective?  Here is some information to help ensure that your board is serving your organization in the best way possible.

It’s important to provide your new board members with an orientation.  This link tells you how to go about it.  You could also modify this for a staff or volunteer orientation.

For additional information on board requirements and board development go to Board Source.

Mission statement

All registered nonprofit organizations must have a mission statement, which summarizes their purpose.  Is yours effective?  Does your work reflect your mission?

Additional leadership and management resources