411-Human Resources

Employee Handbook

No matter the size of your nonprofit organization, it’s important to have an employee handbook. Before issuing or revising your employee handbook, be sure to have an attorney look at it. The following links include more information and include sample handbooks.

Employee Orientation

Starting a new job can be a somewhat a daunting process, therefore it’s essential that you provide an orientation to all new employees so they can feel welcome and comfortable with their new responsibilities.


Hiring great employees can ensure success for your organization. Here is some information to help you help you hire the best possible staff.


There may be a time when you have to terminate an employee either for poor performance or for financial reasons. Here are some links that will help you do the process correctly and fairly.

Exit Interviews

An exit interview is a good opportunity for an organization to gain insight about what they are doing well and what can be improved.

Performance Evaluations

Periodic performance evaluations are a good mechanism for giving feedback and assessing goals. Board members should also conduct an evaluation with the Executive Director.

These links contain sample evaluation forms.

Health care options

Health Connector offers nonprofits choices and savings


Nonprofit Salary Data – TSNE MissionWorks

Professional development/trainings

Ongoing professional development is essential for staff to grow and learn new skills.

MNN has a training and events calendar with information on trainings throughout the state.

MNN members receive 20% discounts on trainings from TSNE, TDC and Zocklein & Associates!

If your organization doesn’t have a training budget, here are a few places that offer free webinars.

Careers in nonprofits

Considering a career in nonprofits? Here is some information about working in the sector, as well as some links to find jobs.

Job sites

Other Job Search Resources

The following sites offer tips and resources for your job search.


We all want a more diverse workplace. Here are some ways to go about it.

Employee benefits

Are you thinking about adding a retirement account as part of your employee benefits package or just need to know more about benefits?  The first link contains information about employer requirements under Massachusetts Health Care Reform.

Additional human resources links