Austy-Madalena Productions

We are a video production operation that caters to nonprofits. Right now we mainly work with nonprofits based in Oklahoma. We have a couple of out-of-state clients. We are certainly willing to travel to produce videos for nonprofits across the country. We approach a nonprofit and produce a video that's a cross between a marketing and a documentary piece. We love using the story-based approach, whether it's a 2 minute piece or a feature length documentary (40 minutes or longer). We're self-sufficient & have video editors, videographers, graphic design artists, field producers/directors and writers.
Service Region
Cape & Islands, Central, Greater Boston, Metrowest, Northeast
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In the past we've been able to offer pro bono video production services to a select number of nonprofits. That depends on our budget and resources. Typically we're able to produce 2-3 videos for free or at a reduced cost.