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Whether you’re looking to enhance your fundraising skills, boost your productivity, or energize your board, the workshops cover a variety of topics for every stage in your career and will provide you with everything you need to be more effective and efficient.  You can view all of the options based on topic in the chart below and learn more about the workshops and presenters by clicking the titles below (or view a pdf version here).

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Workshops: Session I

     21st Century Grant Applications: Brief and to the Point (Development)

We live in a society with limited attention spans! Grantmakers no longer want to read pages and pages of narrative. Online grant applications are here to stay and will only become more prolific in the near future. During this interactive workshop, attendees will learn how to write concise, compelling, and engaging sections of grant proposals in 2,000 characters or less. With lessons covered in this workshop, attendees will be able to successfully craft attention-grabbing narratives that are to the point and are appropriate for government grants as well as foundation and corporations. This workshop will appeal to all levels of grant seekers.

Diane Gedeon-Martin is nationally recognized grants consultant, instructor, and lecturer in the area of grant seeking and DianeGedeon-Martin - Copydevelopment writing. Since 1993, she has worked with over 250 nonprofit organizations in 25 states and Washington, DC to help them achieve their goals through grant proposals she prepares. She is an adjunct faculty member of The Fund Raising School at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University and teaches for the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and several other regional associations. Diane is a sought-after speaker about the grant seeking process and speaks at venues across the country.


     Advancing Your Staff with Financial Information (Finance)

In order to attract, motivate, and retain top talent, an organization needs to be able to present itself through clear, concise, meaningful financial information. This workshop is designed around the idea that those who depend on the organization for their livelihood also have a significant stake in its continued prosperity. In this workshop, attendees will learn how sharing key financial information with their team can give them an understanding of how their actions affect the overall health of the organization. Topics will include: delegating budgetary responsibility, understanding key financial metrics, discussing high-level financial reports, and identifying types of operational reports.

Steven Gallucci - CopySteve Gallucci, Senior Financial Consultant at Insource Services, works with his clients to assess and analyze financial information to inform strategic decisions. His experience includes all aspects of financial management and reporting including budgeting and audit preparation. He is especially adept at streamlining operations and improving customized accounting systems. Steve is a CPA with 20 years of accounting and financial management experience. He has held various senior management positions, including chief financial officer and director of finance, with for-profit and nonprofit organizations.



Karen Hegarty - CopyAs Senior Financial Consultant at Insource Services, Karen Hegarty has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of financial management and administration with both private and non-profit organizations. Her experience includes establishing and managing all financial functions, implementing new financial systems and controls, budgeting, endowment reporting, and managing audits. Prior to joining Insource, Karen held positions of Controller, Deputy Director and Vice President of Operations with organizations ranging in size from $500K to $55M.



     Communications: What is Essential and What Just Wastes Your Time? (Communications)

Mission-driven organizations almost universally recognize the value of strategic communications, but due to limited budgets and expertise it is rarely incorporated into staff structures. If a full-time communications director isn’t an option, how can you incorporate the skills and talents your organization needs into the current staffing plan? And if a full-time communications director is an option, how do you know you’re attracting the right talent? This workshop will help participants determine their organization’s top outward-facing priorities as well as how current and potential staff capacity can use key communications competencies to accelerate them. This workshop is best suited for organizational leaders as well as dedicated communications directors at small to medium-sized nonprofit organizations.

Shaun Adamec - CopyShaun Adamec is President of Adamec Communications, a consultancy specializing in strategy, messaging, and reputation for mission-driven organizations. Shaun has directed the communications efforts of major, international nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, government leaders, and political campaigns. Shaun’s professional experience includes senior communications roles with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, American Red Cross, City Year, and the Nellie Mae Education Foundation.


     Create and Sustain a Great Workplace through Succession Planning and Leadership Coaching (Leadership/ Management)

In this workshop, attendees will learn how to make their organization—regardless of size, budget, or structure—a great place to work where high-quality leaders make all employees feel engaged. Using an interactive presentation format, this workshop will provide participants with insights into the process for assessing leadership talent, creating a succession plan, and developing leadership talent to fill anticipated gaps. Specific examples in defining culture and effectively articulating organizational values will be shared as well as best practices from leading organizations. This session is a great fit for organizational leaders, managers and supervisors who wish to gain a deeper understanding of organizational culture; learn how to conduct a leadership talent assessment and create a succession plan; and learn more about the value of coaching as a method to develop talent and improve leadership quality.

Lilian LeBlancLillian LeBlanc has served as a senior HR executive for several healthcare organizations, including Baptist Health South Florida, (a FORTUNE 100 Best Company), Central Maine Healthcare in Lewiston, ME, Faulkner Hospital and Carney Hospital, both in Boston. She serves as a guest blogger for the Great Place to Work Institute, administrators of the Fortune 100 Best Places to Work survey and for the International Coach Federation. She holds a B.S. in Economics from Boston State College, an MBA from the University of Massachusetts and a certificate in Professional Coaching from the University of Miami (FL).

Jeffrey ZegasJeffrey Zegas has been in executive search since 1979, leading searches in both for-profit and nonprofit sectors. He founded ZurickDavis in 1986, which specializes in recruiting senior leaders to healthcare and social services organizations. Jeff has served on many nonprofit boards, including Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Mass Bay, Big Brother/Big Sister Foundation, Samaritans of Greater Boston, Planned Parenthood League of MA, the Mass Association for School-Based Health, and the North Suburban YMCA. Jeff holds a BA from City University of New York, an MA in psychology from Boston University, and an MBA from BU’s Graduate School of Management.



Yvonne AcquafreddaYvonne Acquafredda has provided broad-based marketing and communications support to several companies in the consumer services and healthcare industries, including Domino’s Pizza, Molnlycke Health Care and Florida Blue (BCBS of FL). She holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from the University of Miami, a Master of Business Administration from Northeastern University and a certificate in Digital Marketing from Rutgers University. She is enrolled in Erickson College’s Professional Coach Program.


     Empowering Board Members for Successful Leadership (Board)

Is your board empowered to lead? Even the best executive director can only do so much without a well-functioning board. The most effective boards are composed of informed members who are given the tools, information and support to govern and drive change. In this workshop, attendess will discuss the key components and behaviors of engaged boards and their leaders, learn the formula for activating a board, and identify red flags and pitfalls that discourage active leadership. Designed to help nonprofit leaders empower their boards, the ideal audience for this workshop is comprised of executive directors, development directors, board presidents and those responsible for leadership development of organizations both big and small.


Nanette Fridman founded Fridman Strategies in 2006 to assist nonprofit organizations with the strategies, structures and training to advance their missions and maximize their impact. Nanett’s work focuses on strategic planning, governance, financial resource development, and leadership coaching and her clients range from small start-up organizations to large international organizations. She is the author of On Board: What Every Board Member Must Know about Nonprofits and Board Service.


     From So-So to Superstar: Creating a Sponsorship Strategy That Draw Sponsors to You (Development) 

The difference between so-so and superstar sponsorship operations is directly related to the level of performance in 8 key areas across an organization. Learn the top traits of sponsorship superstars, how to create more compelling value for partners, how to spot sponsorship opportunities, and much more. By implementing more effective sponsorship strategies, nonprofits can experience a variety of positive changes including revenue growth, greater confidence, more efficient fulfillment, stronger client relationships, and even having interested corporate partners contact you. This workshop will help participants upgrade current sponsorship practices, stay ahead of vast marketplace competition, and expand an organization’s impact. This workshop is best suited for executive directors, board members, chief development officers, and event and marketing staff members at organizations over $1 million in size.

Gail Bower - CopyGail Bower, president of Bower & Co. Consulting LLC, transforms organizational complexity into strategies that result in sustainable revenue, increased growth, and greater value. CEOs of top nonprofits, associations, and destinations seek Gail’s expertise and future orientation in creating more dynamic business models and organizational strategies and in developing or strengthening brand- and revenue-generating assets, such as through corporate sponsorship programs, events, and earned or non-dues revenue. Author of How to Jump-start Your Sponsorship Strategy in Tough Times, she’s a professional consultant, coach, writer, and speaker, with more than 25 years’ experience in marketing and leading some of the country’s most important events, festivals, and sponsorships.


     Navigating Difficult Conversations (Professional Development) 

As a nonprofit professional your vision, strategy and execution are only as good as your ability to have candid, effective conversations about them. What you talk about, how you talk about it, and who is part of the conversation can make or break the situation. This workshop will provide a practical framework for successfully navigating difficult and important conversations, such as staff performance or board engagement, to get positive results. You will leave with increased self awareness and the tools and techniques to allow you to express what needs to be said in a way that initiates dialogue and collaboration. This workshop is suitable for professionals of all levels who want to learn problem-solving and decision-making skills to better navigate difficult conversations with board members, staff and volunteers.

Ank Stuyfzand - CopyAnk Stuyfzand is a founding partner of SYNC, a company that helps business and nonprofit leaders and their teams to develop the communication skills and team synergy they need to deliver on their mission. Ank has over 20 years of experience with organization development across different industries. She has served on several boards, including the SoCal Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, a global organization for women leadership in the healthcare industry. An energetic facilitator, Ank is an adjunct professor at Suffolk University, teaching classes in leadership.


     Performance Measurement Demystified (Performance Management)

Do find yourself wondering if your organization is really making progress toward your mission? Fortunately, once you understand the fundamentals, you can launch your own basic performance measurement system in-house. This interactive workshop will teach participcants to identify, measure, and track key indicators of organizational and programmatic effectiveness, and to adjust and refine their approach as they go. Attendees will get the theory and real-world examples that will demystify measurement, and will learn to identify and test core assumptions, conduct a data inventory, monitor metrics across programs, and build a culture of measurement and learning within their team. The ideal audience for this session is executives, board members, and staff responsible for or curious about performance measurement.

Stephen PrattAs Director of Consulting at Root Cause, Stephen Pratt leads consulting engagements in education, housing, workforce development, advocacy, and health care. He knows the challenges small- and mid-size organizations face firsthand, because for over 20 years he served as CEO of two direct-service organizations, two capacity-building intermediaries, and a scholarship foundation, and also helped launch six nonprofits, including Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, Boston After School & Beyond, and Eureka-Boston. Steve is driven to help organizations make real change in life outcomes and sees performance measurement and financial sustainability planning as essential tools.


     Presenting for the Pros (Professional Development) 

Presenting is a critical professional skill that helps gain visibility for yourself, your organization, and your ideas, and influences audiences to act on your message. During this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn how to use positive body language, gestures, and tone to reduce nervous habits. This will help them to overcome fears and become more comfortable and relaxed in delivering presentations. This workshop includes: tips to energize yourself to have a greater audience impact; practice utilizing these tips to project passion, persuasion, and pizazz; a delivery skill checklist; and points to remember to minimize your anxieties. The program is designed for nonprofit leaders and staff, at any experience level, looking to develop their presentation skills.

Sue OgleSue Ogle, an ESC Consultant since 2002, has worked with organizations such as Capital Good Fund, Boston & Rhode Island Foundations, WellOne Healthcare, and Providence Women’s Center on organizational development, change management, and team building. Sue was awarded by ESC in 2004, 2008, and 2013 for outstanding consulting and training work. She also volunteers on the Board of the Westerly Library and Wilcox Park. She has 30 years of training and consulting experience that include founder in 1992 of OGLE Training and Consulting, 10 years in financial services, Yale School of Management, and University of Rhode Island. Her initial career was social work for the City of Bridgeport in CT. In addition, she was Regional Director for the Northeast Region of the American Society for Training and Development as well as ASTD President of the Southern CT Chapter.


     Seeking Growth: Lessons for Scaling a Nonprofit (Strategy)

While the stories of nonprofits that have already successfully scaled their programs are often celebrated, we hear much less about programs at the earlier stages of the scaling journey.This session will focus on the success of Brookline Community Mental Health Center, which partnered with the Bridgespan Group to develop a growth strategy for Bridge to Resilient Youth in Transition (BRYT), an intervention it created for youth transitioning back to school after absences caused by physical or mental health issues. BRYT achieved growth throughout suburban Greater Boston schools and is now setting its sights on much more dramatic and intentional scale up. This workshop will foster a conversation anchored by this ongoing and promising example, and a discussion of how the lessons learned can apply to all organizations. This session is ideal for program directors, and C-Suite staff of any size nonprofit organization with a promising program that ought to be scaled and/or replicated.

Sridhar Prasad - CopySridhar Prasad is a Manager with the The Bridgespan Group who has worked with nonprofits in a number of sectors, including global development, education, mental health, and early childhood development. Prior to Bridgespan, Sridhar worked as a project leader at Boston Consulting Group, working across a range of practice areas, including health care, education, technology, media, and telecom. Before BCG, Sridhar worked at the Federal Communications Commission’s National Broadband Task Force and for the Clinton Foundation’s HIV/AIDS Initiative in Delhi, India.



Henry WhiteHenry White, MD has worked as a community psychiatrist for most of his career, serving as the Clinical Director of the Brookline Community Mental Health Center since 1984. In addition to extensive clinical experience with adolescents and adults, he has served as consultant to schools and broad range of community agencies. Dr. White has created a number of innovative programs in response to emerging community needs, several of which have received national recognition. He leads the Bridge for Resilient Youth in Transition project.

Workshops: Session II

     Adapting to an Outcomes-Based World: What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know (Performance Management)

In today’s nonprofit sector, it is getting harder to access funding to support our work. Funders ask for more metrics and evidence for proof that our programs are making an impact. It is critical to build an understanding of this evolving funding environment – one focused on outcomes rather than outputs, more highly valuing data and measurement. In this session, we will discuss the changing funding landscape, the opportunities and challenges it presents, and examine impact measurement through the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s Complete Capital framework for longterm financial sustainability. After reviewing the organizational changes and resources required for building and growing an outcomes-based readiness, participants will create their own action plans, detailing the steps their organizations can take toward developing outcomes measurement systems. They will also be equipped with the language necessary to communicate the needed infrastructure and cultural changes back to their organizations. This workshop is suitable for nonprofit leaders responsible for or involved in the early stages of implementing outcomes measurement systems within their organizations.

Alex EppsAlex Epps is an Associate in Advisory Services based in the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s (NFF) Boston office, and he co-presented the “Financial Storytelling” workshop at last year’s MNN Conference. Alex’s work has included investigating early childhood education providers to aid foundations in better understanding financial data to inform strategic grant-making. Prior to joining NFF, Alex worked in impact assessment at Root Capital, a nonprofit agricultural lender working with rural farmers in Latin America and Africa. Alex has also filmed a grant-funded documentary on the institutionalization of peace culture in Costa Rica. He holds a BA in Economics from Brandeis University.

Martin Lenarz-GeisenMartin Lenarz-Geisen is a Coordinator in Advisory Services based in Nonprofit Finance Fund’s (NFF) Boston office. Since joining NFF, he has worked on the Pay for Success team implementing a national initiative supported by the Corporation for National & Community Service and works closely with the Senior Consulting team to advance Advisory Services mission. Prior to joining NFF, he was an AmeriCorps Teaching Fellow and helped design a Business Learning through Service program at his alma mater. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Economics from the University of St. Thomas.


     Board Members Are Just Waiting To Be Asked (Board)

For too long we have been recruiting board members with the expectation of “Get and Give.” However, this method is not always the best utilization of their time and talent. During this highly engaging workshop, you’ll learn how to best apply your Board members, teaching them to serve as a steward of your organization’s mission and build relationships with people, instead of simply asking them to raise funds. With the average nonprofit losing nearly 57% of their donors annually, this critical skill is essential to organizations aiming to grow their impact and maintain an effective Board of Directors. This workshop is best suited for staff and executive leaders.

Sharon Danoksy - CopyFor over 30 years, Sharon J. Danosky, founder and president of Danosky & Associates, has dedicated her career to working with not-for-profit organizations. As both a consultant and a senior executive for numerous charitable organizations, she has transformed organizations into highly effectively charities of choice in their communities. Sharon conducts seminars and lectures through her affiliations with the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Connecticut Association of Non-Profits, Connecticut Community Foundation, Connecticut Land Conservation Council, Fairfield County Community Foundation, Westchester Association of Development Officers, Community Foundation of Northwest Connecticut and the Rhode Island Foundation.


     Digital Strategy for Today and Tomorrow (Communications)

This workshop will cover a range of topics related to developing and implementing a digital strategy, including how to decide what social media platforms to use, how to think through a website revamp, and how to create an integrated editorial calendar. This workshop will feature a short presentation and hands-on practice. The driving question participants will answer is “what are the things I can do today, next week, and in three months to improve my organization’s impact through digital tools?” This workshop is ideal for anybody who uses a website, social media account or an email program to raise funds, increase awareness of their issue or organization, or deepen impact.

Todd Felton - CopyTodd Felton is the founder of RTF Consulting. Todd works with clients to do more with digital tools while focusing on what they do best: leading their organization. He has successfully created and launched entire digital strategy plans, social media campaigns, new websites, and e-newsletters. Todd brings wide-ranging experience including a decade in the classroom, a successful writing career, and digital strategy work for national and local nonprofits. His clients have included Expeditionary Learning, The Buck Institute for Education, the Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship at UMass Amherst, and the Bay State Reading Institute. He is currently the VP of Content Strategy for Digaboom, a social platform for digital marketers.

Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh

Mitch Anthony has built and developed corporate and product branding programs for such clients as Bloomberg Television, VH1, Church World Service, Microsoft, Lightlife Foods, Reebok and UN Habitat. He knows from experience that brand discovery, design, and strategy are powerful tools that can transform not only your marketing, but also your organization and all the people in it. “What do you need to do? Articulate mission and vision? Branding. That’s where you start. Improve internal understanding and buy-in? Branding again. Branding gives every organization a tangible way to share the experience of self-discovery.”


     Engaging Staff and Volunteers in Your Brand (Communications)

Building a strong brand is about making a promise, then delivering consistently on that promise, to every single stakeholder, every single time. Your staff and volunteers are at the core of that promise — it’s crucial that they understand and buy into the brand in order to do their best work and serve as the face of your organization to the members of your various audiences. This highly interactive workshop will help attendees understand how to identify their brand promise, communicate that promise to staff, and ensure enduring engagement and advocacy. This workshop will be most useful to senior leadership and board members, as well as marketing, communications, and development staff for mid-sized to large organizations.

IMG_4616As a consultant, Michele Levy helps mission-driven organizations develop the messaging and integrated communications they need to better achieve their strategic goals. Prior to launching her practice, Michele worked in advertising and management consulting. She also served as Chief Marketing Officer for Walnut Hill School for the Arts, and has held leadership roles on a number of nonprofit boards. She is the author of Building Your Brand: A Practical Guide for Nonprofit Organizations, and a popular presenter with 4Good’s Nonprofit Webinars series.



Kathe Shaw-Bassett 2 - CopyAs a consultant, Kathe Shaw-Bassett helps nonprofits develop the communication skills and team synergy they need to deliver on their mission. Prior to launching a coaching & consulting practice, she spent 10 years in banking (developing a portfolio of 200 nonprofits), and was a fundraising and board development coach for nonprofits throughout North America. She has held leadership roles on several boards including the Nonprofit Management Program at University of Washington. A dynamic presenter, she designed a popular class on Nonprofit Financial Management for UW’s Fundraising Management Certificate.


     Found Time: Boost Your Efficiency & Productivity (Professional Development)

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the length of your daily task list (if you can find it)? This workshop will help you identify ways to automate and/or shorten the time it takes to complete daily tasks that consume valuable time you could be spending furthering your organization’s mission and increasing your impact. Technology offers numerous options to maximize your efficiency, giving you more time to plan and increase your impact. In this workshop, you’ll learn the tools and best practices around email inbox management and email etiquette; operating system shortcuts to speed up daily tasks; task management systems; how to best use your work calendar; and systematizing note taking. This is a great workshop for nonprofit employees of all levels.

Russell Greenwald - Copy

As Vice President and Director of the Insource Technology practice, Russell Greenwald provides the direction for and management of technology services to effectively support Insource clients’ needs. An experienced IT professional with over 13 years of successfully designing, managing and troubleshooting technology systems, Russell brings to Insource clients a broad knowledge of technology systems and solutions and a proven track record of designing, problem solving, and managing technology systems, with significant experience designing remote application platforms via Citrix and in the use of Google Apps.


Ryan Eccelstone - Copy


Ryan Ecclestone serves as a Senior IT Project Manager with Insource Services. Strategically focused, Ryan seeks to further his client’s productivity and overall efficiency through the use of technology related projects and deployments. He provides short and long-term IT strategy as well as managing a range of technical project deployments. As an experienced IS/IT Project Manager, Ryan has lead projects ranging from setting up new technology infrastructure for organization spinoffs to migration of existing core IT Services to cloud based products.


Scott Hagerty - Copy


Scott Hagerty is an experienced technical professional with an extensive background in software applications and hardware, workstation, server, and network-related troubleshooting. As an Insource IT Client Manager, he is responsible for managing the technical needs of his clients and drawing upon his knowledge of Windows and Mac environments to design and implement related projects and solutions that best fit their specific needs. Prior to joining Insource, Scott was the Team Lead in the Department of Interactive and Information Technology at the Museum of Science in Boston.


     Fundraising: Are you ready for that campaign? (Development)

How do you know if you are ready to launch a capital campaign or other major fundraising initiative? This workshop will help experienced executive leaders determine the key actions necessary to get an organization ready, whether this includes hiring an outside consultant to help with a plan, investing in a “feasibility study,” or engaging key stakeholders early on. Even if a campaign is but a glimmer, the time to start getting ready is now! This workshop is best suited for executive leaders with 3-5 years of experience at small to mid-sized organizations.

Diane Remin - CopyDiane G. Remin, Founder & President of, was named one of the 30 most effective fundraising consultants in 2013 by the Michael Chatman Giving Show. She founded the company five years ago to help small-to-mid-sized organizations boost their revenues, with an eye toward major gifts. An active solicitor herself, Diane has served on nonprofit boards for the past 15 years. She is also a dynamic workshop presenter who routinely receives stellar ratings. She likes to say that “giving is good for your health!”



     Lessons from Philanthropy (Development)

Foundations in Massachusetts give away upwards of $1.5 billion to nonprofit organizations each year. But with almost 4,000 funders in the state, it isn’t always easy to get your foot in the door with foundations, especially as more and more no longer accept unsolicited proposals. During this workshop, participants will learn the do’s and don’ts of approaching funders- directly from the gift horse’s mouth. Participants will have the opportunity to hear feedback and anecdotes provided by funders about real-life situations. This workshop is a great fit for professionals tasked with fundraising, grant writing and/ or managing relationships with funders.

 Allistair MallilinAllistair Mallillin is the Nonprofit Partners Manager at Associated Grant Makers. Previously he worked as a Development Associate at United South End Settlements, supporting fundraising efforts and helping build a strong community in the South End/Lower Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. Allistair serves on the board of several nonprofits, including Asian American Resource Workshop, Funding Exchange, Haymarket People’s Fund, and MAP for Health. He also serves on the Steering Committee of Saffron Circle and is involved with Asian American/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP).

Georganna WoodsGeorganna Woods is the Research Associate and Meet-the-Donors Program Manager at Associated Grant Makers. She began as Associate Librarian at the AGM Resource Center for Philanthropy (RCP) and has transitioned into a combined position where she coordinates AGM’s Meet-the-Donor series and also conducts research for AGM Members and Partners. Georganna divides her work week between AGM and Earthworm, Inc. – a nonprofit recycling organization where she is Associate Director. She has also worked and volunteered at numerous other nonprofit organizations such as Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives and Brookline Access Television.


     Leveraging Multiculturalism: Attract, Retain and Engage a Diverse Staff (Leadership/ Management) 

A workforce that reflects the community and people your organization serves, and brings together a range of cultures and backgrounds, can have a powerful impact on your work. However, many nonprofits struggle to attract and retain a diverse workforce. This workshop will cover best practices for: hiring employees from diverse backgrounds and empowering them to thrive at your organization; navigating unique cultural nuances to bring out the best in your entire staff; and creating a pipeline for employees at every level and from every background and culture. This workshop is best suited for organizational leaders and managers or employees who have hiring responsibilities.

Colette_Pro_Photo_2Colette Phillips is President and CEO of Colette Phillips Communications, Inc., an innovative marketing/PR company that helps nonprofits to build a memorable brand and attract new donors. Since founding CPC in 1986, Ms. Phillips has consulted with nonprofits throughout the nation, helping them to build their brands and grow their bottom line. Her clients include the American Red Cross, The Reebok Foundation, the American Cancer Society, Big Sisters of Greater Boston, Jobs for Youth, Junior Achievement, Kellogg Foundation, Bottomline, Ovations for the Cure, Judge Baker Children’s Center, UNICEF, Whittier Street Health Center and the YWCA Boston. Widely respected and recognized for her amazing ability to build bridges and create cross-cultural and inter-racial social networks, Ms. Phillips gives back to her community by serving on various nonprofit boards.


     Management Basics for Newer ED’s (Leadership/ Management) 

You are new in your position as an Executive Director of a nonprofit, filled with great ideas and passion for your issue. However, it can be challenging to articulate everything you want to accomplish and bring it all together into an organized plan of action. In this workshop attendees will learn the 10 most important skills and tools to be an effective manager, enabling them to have a positive relationship with staff, ensuring that they are effective in their roles, and helping them to feel successful in their work. This workshop is best suited for Executive Directors of smaller, newer organizations or first-time EDs and will cover the most important skills needed to be an effective manager.

Annette Rubin

Annette RubinAnnette Rubin, Certified Professional Coach and founder of Coaching to Potential, is a strategic partner, passionate about helping others become dynamic nonprofit leaders. Annette’s coaching approach is based on over 25 years of nonprofit leadership. She developed and led the Cardiovascular Wellness Center at Brigham and Women’s, was Executive Director of Boston Children’s Chorus, President of Executive Service Corps of New England, and Director of the Office of Community Economic Development for the Commonwealth.


     Results-Based Accountability and Collective Impact (Performance Management)

Session Description: Measurement practices don’t just track data; done well, metrics can be a powerful tool to catalyze and guide the collective action necessary to create positive change. In this dynamic out-of-your-chair workshop, we will begin with an introduction to the five conditions of Collective Impact. From there we will explore Results-Based Accountability (RBA) as a practical, user-friendly tool for achieving these conditions. Participants will have the opportunity to actively engage in “turn the curve thinking,” drawing on the collective experience and wisdom of their colleagues and gaining hands-on experience. Participants will be provided with links to Collective Impact and RBA resources that will reinforce their learning and enable them to apply concepts, including turn the curve thinking, back home. This workshop is ideal for individuals collaborating on systems-level or population-level change, and for those already using data to track performance.

Hillary BooneHillary Boone, MSM, is Organizational Development Specialist at the Marlboro College Center for New Leadership. Hillary has trained and coached hundreds of organizations across New England in the use of Results-Based Accountability (RBA) and serves on the Steering Committee of the Vermont Accountability Group. Hillary has presented her work with BBVT nationally and internationally. In her community of Burlington, VT Hillary serves in leadership roles on the board of the Pride Center of Vermont, the Milton Mentor Advisory Committee, and the Divas Do Good Initiative.

     Successfully Securing Government Funds (Development) 

This exciting workshop will offer a glimpse into the world of government grant funding for nonprofits, and provide strategy and logistical advice for identifying, applying, and securing funding from various agencies of state and federal governments. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to participate in a moderated discussion panel featuring three experts in government funding covering a variety of topics including: the federal policies and trends that impact funding to states and nonprofits, the logistics of identifying viable opportunities, and some of the hurdles nonprofits face in submitting successful applications such as grant writing, securing matching funding, and closely tracking the administration of grant funds once they are secured. The ideal audience for this workshop are professionals looking to diversify their funding, streamline their advocacy, increase program impact and clarify strategic direction.

Boston, MA. ADS Ventures, 31 Newbury Street, Suite 301F, Boston 02116, 617.236.5830. Formal headshots and editorial shots for use in PR and web. Contact Casey Atkins @ x102. David Costello ref.

Chet Atkins founded ADS Ventures after more than 20 years in public service. In 1970, Chet became the youngest person elected to the Massachusetts House and soon after won a seat in the State Senate. Serving as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Chet led reforms to modernize the budget and was elected to the U.S. House in 1984, and served on the Appropriations, Foreign Affairs, Ethics and Budget Committees. Chet has served on the boards of the Center for Justice and Accountability, Amnesty International, Oxfam America, Emerson Hospital, Cambridge College, Plimoth Plantation, and Refugees International.


Lee Foley


For more than 30 years, Lee Foley has worked as one of Washington’s foremost counselors on policy and legislative advocacy. At Capital Hill Partners, Lee advises clients and represents various interests before Congress and the Executive Branch in issue areas including elementary, secondary and postsecondary education, employment and training, employment security, community and economic development, job creation, community development finance, small business development, rural and agricultural programs, disability and civil rights policy. Lee served in a variety of positions in Washington including as a White House domestic policy advisor, chief of staff at a federal agency and as a staffer for two U.S. Senate committees.


Jerry RubinJerry Rubin is President and CEO of Jewish Vocational Services. Prior to joining JVS, Jerry was Vice President of Building Economic Opportunities at Jobs For the Future, a national workforce development and education policy, research, and consulting organization. Jerry founded and was Executive Director of two nonprofit organizations: the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership, a training and consulting organization based at UMass, and the Coalition For a Better Acre, a community development corporation based in Lowell, Massachusetts. Jerry is a member of the Massachusetts Workforce Investment Board, and a Board member of the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership and the Allston-Brighton Community Development Corporation.