2016 Conference Workshops


Whether you’re looking to enhance your fundraising skills, boost your productivity, or energize your board, the workshops cover a variety of topics for every stage in your career and will provide you with everything you need to be more effective and efficient. You can view all of the options based on topic in the chart below and learn more about the workshops and presenters by clicking the titles below.


Workshops: Session I

A Cultural Literacy Toolbox: Developing Culturally Proficient Practices

This workshop on cultural literacy, cultural proficiency, and cultural intelligence offers participants a chance to discuss and address cross-cultural barriers in the workplace. Participants will learn how to move beyond diversity and inclusion buzzwords and achieve a real cultural shift in their organizations. Through exploration of the five areas of organizational cultural competency, participants will begin to understand cultural lenses, cultural barriers, and the benefits of diversity and cultural competency. After this workshop, participants will be able to conduct a cultural self-assessment, identify cultural barriers, and implement strategies to support diverse colleagues or clients, and create a more inclusive organization. Participants will also be empowered with the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to practice tolerance and inclusion, improve cross-cultural communication among employees and clients, and increase personal and organizational productivity. This workshop is ideal for anyone, but people from more diverse organizations, or who work with more diverse audiences, will find it most helpful.


Gwendolyn VanSant, Multicultural BRIDGE @BRIDGE413

Gwendolyn VanSant

Gwendolyn VanSant is the CEO and Founding Director of Multicultural BRIDGE (2007), a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting cultural competency and integration of diverse groups in Western Massachusetts. She is also the Director of Engagement, Equity, and Inclusion and the Chair of Council for Equity and Inclusion at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. Gwendolyn serves as an appointed state official, the Chair of the Berkshire County Commission on the Status of Women. Gwendolyn is currently consulting as Grant Lead for Greylock Teach Fellows program at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, which works to cultivate tomorrow’s teachers of diverse backgrounds.

Jeff Lowenstein, Multicultural BRIDGE @BRIDGE413

Jeff LowensteinJeff Lowenstein works with Multicultural BRIDGE as an Executive Assistant, Facilitator, and Spanish Instructor. He also works as a community organizer with Berkshire Interfaith Organizing. He grew up in the Berkshires and returned last year after graduating from Brandeis University to work for justice throughout the region and beyond.

Agile and Lean Practices: Capitalizing on Emerging Opportunities in Your Organization

If a phenomenon such as the “Ice Bucket Challenge” occurred in your sector, would your current processes allow your development and marketing departments to rapidly respond and develop a campaign to capitalize on the opportunity? This workshop will focus on incorporating agile and lean principles into common business processes in order to help organizations better align priorities, promote ownership, coordinate work, source resources, systematize work with checklists, reduce approval steps, and allow for ever changing requirements and responsibilities in managing projects and processes. The session will be valuable to anyone who manages large projects subject to constant change and/or someone who would like to understand a different project management technique for their own personal development.


Russell Greenwald, Insource Services, Inc. @InsourceSvcs


As Vice President and Director of the Insource Technology Practice, Russell Greenwald provides the direction and management of technology services to effectively support Insource clients. An experienced IT professional with over 15 years of successfully designing, managing, and troubleshooting technology systems, Russell brings to Insource clients a proven track record of success and broad knowledge of technology systems and solutions with significant experience designing remote application platforms via Citrix and in the use of Google Apps. Russell holds a BA in mathematics from Brandeis University

Ryan Ecclestone, Insource Services, Inc. @InsourceSvcs

Ryan Ecclestone

Ryan Ecclestone serves as a Senior IT Project Manager with Insource and has been working in the IT field for eight years. Strategically focused, Ryan seeks to further clients’ productivity and efficiency through the use of technology related projects. In this role, he provides short- and long-term IT strategy as well as managing a range of technical project deployments. Ryan is an experienced IS/IT Project Manager with a proven track record of value add and high ROI solution delivery. He holds a BS in computer information systems from Bentley University with a minor in business economics and is PMI-PMP certified.

Scott Hagerty, Insource Services, Inc. @InsourceSvcs

Scott Hagerty

Scott Hagerty is an experienced technical professional with an extensive background in software applications and hardware, workstation, server, and network related troubleshooting. As an IT Manager with Insource, Scott manages the technical needs of his clients and draws upon his knowledge of Windows and Mac environments to design and implement related projects and solutions that best fit the specific needs of Insource clients. Scott holds BA in international relations and economics from Tufts University.

Building the “A-List” Board

While many nonprofit organizations want more from their board members, many are unsure how to get it. In this workshop, participants will address the numerous issues regarding board leadership, including how to manage board members to raise funds for your organization, defining expectations around board fundraising, how to inspire board members to act as advocates, and ultimately how to build the much desired “A-list” board. Through this workshop, executives and nonprofit leaders responsible for managing board relationships will gain a clear path forward to increase accountability among their current and future board leadership.


Charles (Chuck) Gordon, New Kensington Group

Chuck Gordon

For nearly 30 years, Chuck Gordon has served as a senior nonprofit professional and consultant, helping nonprofit leaders in Boston and across the country realize their vision by raising increased revenues. Having previously served as the CDO at United Way, City Year, Health Leads, and uAspire, Chuck today leads the New Kensington Group, a full service consulting firm helping nonprofit leaders grow their organizations. His work focuses on strategic planning, fundraising, executive search, and board leadership and governance support. A nationally recognized trainer and speaker, he dedicates significant time to building the fundraising capacity of nonprofit professionals and volunteers.

Business Modeling: Break the Status Quo and Design Tomorrow’s Nonprofit

Changing technology, rising costs, and outdated business models are quickly eroding nonprofit organizations, small and large. To ensure viability in the future, organizations must start to develop business models that are adaptive and take advantage of the changing environment. This workshop will explore some of the game changers that are, or will be, disrupting nonprofit organizations around the country. We will look at ways to evaluate, design, and build business models to ensure future relevance. We will also discuss how strategy design can align with breaking the status quo for business models and supporting new concepts. This workshop is ideal for transformative leaders and visionaries.


Eric Curtis, Curtis Strategy @CurtisNonprofit

Eric Curtis

Eric Curtis is the Founder and President of Curtis Strategy and The Trustee Institute. A successful strategy and management consultant, Eric focuses on unlocking the global potential of nonprofit organizations. He has advised educational institutions, healthcare clinics, human services, and many other charitable 501(c)3 organizations, inspiring them to break the status quo and maximize their social impact. Eric received his MBA from Suffolk University and his BS in accounting and finance from Norwich University. Eric is also an adjunct professor at Suffolk University, teaching strategic management at the graduate school.

Closing the Professional Development Gap: The Movement to Empower and Cultivate Tomorrow’s Nonprofit Leaders

We all want to empower young talent within our organizations, but many of us lack the resources to support the development of young leaders. However, underinvestment in young talent will only lead to a gap in professionals that are ready to take on the challenges of leading nonprofits. This workshop will help participants identify, define, and discuss the professional development gap as it relates to young professionals in the nonprofit sector. We will look at what kinds of professional development young professionals are seeking and how we can work together as a movement to better empower them to develop the skills necessary to become tomorrow’s nonprofit sector leaders.


Matt Gelman, YNPN Boston/The Theater Offensive @matt_gelman

Matt Gelman

Matt Gelman is the Co-Chair of YNPN Boston. He has been involved with the organization for five years, serving first as an Ambassador and then as the Director of Ambassador Talent and Recruitment for two years. By day, Matt can be found at The Theater Offensive, a nonprofit LGBTQ arts organization, in his role as the Associate Managing Director, overseeing various components of fundraising, communications, and operations. In his spare time, he can be found on and off stage in various community theater productions or working on his culinary skills. Matt has a BA in Spanish and International Relations from Boston College and is an alumnus of INML’s Community Fellows Program.

Lindsay Brown, YNPN Boston/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute @DonorScience

Lindsay Brown

Lindsay Brown is a data-driven fundraising professional with 10 years of experience in the public and nonprofit sectors. Her background in prospect development includes prospect research, moves management, and data analytics for higher education and healthcare institutions. Lindsay holds master’s degrees in nonprofit studies from Arizona State University and business intelligence and analytics from the University of Westminster. She brings her passion for learning and innovation to her volunteer role as Co-Director of Fundraising for YNPN Boston and previously served as Director of Research and Evaluation for the organization.

Cultivating Powerful Partnerships with Corporations

Walking through the doorway into a prospective partner’s office can be either a thrilling or an anxiety-provoking moment. In this workshop, participants will learn to lose the angst and embrace enthusiasm to cultivate powerful corporate partnerships. Sponsorship and revenue strategist Gail Bower will share best practices for working with the corporate sector including: what to do before the meeting; what to say during the meeting; where to go next; and how that translates into building long-lasting partnerships and revenue with corporations. This workshop will help participants be prepared and confident when approaching corporate sponsors.


Gail Bower, Bower & Co. Consulting LLC @GailBower

Gail Bower

Organizations hire Gail Bower as their revenue strategist. Gail teaches them how to supplement philanthropy or government grants with earned revenue. By becoming powerhouses at developing earned revenue, organizations become self-sufficient .They’re able to generate money whenever they need it. Clients have doubled, tripled, and quadrupled revenue in under a year, and that’s just the first year. She wrote the guidebook “How to Jump-start Your Sponsorship Strategy in Tough Times.” To support her revenue generation ideas, Gail studies the future, paying attention to where society is going and how this impacts clients.

How to Position Your Nonprofit to Raise Significantly More Money: The 5 Shifts Model

Over the years, nonprofit leaders with the greatest fundraising success have employed 5 key “shifts” to get themselves and their organizations in a position to generate significant revenue. Drawing from experience and research, we will walk participants through these 5 shifts: plan more, lead the charge, invest more, commiserate and differentiate, and relate and cultivate. By the end of this workshop, participants will have learned how to employ the 5 shifts model in order to craft an actionable fund development plan, take a leadership role in defining fundraising roles and expectations for board and staff, identify, segment, and prioritize potential supporters, and more.  Executive directors, development directors, board members, and aspiring leaders of nonprofits of any field, type, and size are invited to attend.


Kenny Weill, K. Weill Consulting Group, LLC @npo_connect

Kenny Weill

Kenny Weill launched K. Weill Consulting Group, which focuses on strategic fund development for nonprofits, in 2002. His practice works with boards and staff on fundraising assessments, Fund Development Plans, case statements, appeals, online giving strategy, grant research and writing, and CRM database solutions. Kenny regularly trains, coaches, and presents on fund development strategy. In 2009, Kenny co-founded NPO Connect, an online skill-building platform for nonprofit professionals and volunteers. Prior to consulting, Kenny held varied positions in community-based, academic, healthcare, and government settings. Kenny is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Nonprofit Consultants Network, and the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network.

Keep Calm and Thrive! Building Resilience for You and Your Team

Are you and your team overwhelmed or stretched to the limit, constantly pressured to do more with less? In the face of constant change and increasing pressure, the key to resilience is to shift thinking and behaviors in order to respond more creatively and effectively. This workshop will provide a practical framework for lowering and managing stress and building resilience in both individuals and teams. Participants will: (a) enhance self-awareness and assess personal resilience; (b) learn tools and strategies for managing stress and building personal resilience; (c) develop strategies to build team resilience and cultivate a culture of support; and (d) practice behaviors to manage energy and wellbeing on a day-to-day basis.


Ank Stuifzand, SYNC

Ank Stuyfzand

Ank Stuyfzand is the Founder of SYNC, a leadership and team development company. Over the last 20 years, Ank has worked with business and nonprofit leaders and their teams to develop the skills and team synergy that they need to deliver on their missions while creating healthy and balanced team dynamics. Ank served on several nonprofit boards, including the Southern Californian Healthcare Business Women Association. Ank is a part-time professor of management at Suffolk University. She is an energetic facilitator with solid personal effectiveness, skills, and a passion for straight talk.

Matter More, Do More, Raise More

Matterness is a way to make your stakeholders feel known, acknowledged, and invited to participate in efforts. People who feel like they Matter enthusiastically contribute their knowledge, networks, and funds to support your cause. When you implement Matterness, your stakeholders become active, powerful agents on your behalf, and donors and doers renew and stay longer. This workshop will focus on understanding and using social media to implement Matterness in communications. We will go through the foundations of Matterness and share in-depth case studies of how organizations are utilizing Matterness to do more and raise money. Then, we will turn to implementing Matterness back at the office. We will pair up, share ideas, and workshop the best ones with each other. Participants will leave with a new framework for communications and concrete ideas to put into place.


Debra Askanase, Community Organizer 2.0 @askdebra

20111114 The Harold Grinspoon Insititute Camp Conference in Springfield, MA (Photos: Shana Sureck)

Debra Askanase is the Founder and Digital Engagement Strategist at Community Organizer 2.0, a digital engagement firm specializing in online strategy and social engagement for nonprofit organizations. She has a passion for creating a better world through online engagement. Prior to opening Community Organizer 2.0, Debra worked at Boston area nonprofits, originally as a community organizer and later as a program director and executive director. Debra holds a BA from Emory University, an MBA in international business from Bar-Ilan University, and is on faculty at Marlboro College Graduate School.

Putting Advocacy Efforts into Action

While having a clear mission is important for any organization, communicating that mission through effective advocacy efforts is not always so simple. This workshop will provide the tools needed to mobilize networks and increase visibility. It will be presented from three different perspectives: (1) an individual in the trenches; (2) a government relations strategist; and (3) a member organization Vice President. Participants will have the opportunity to draft an advocacy action plan and will walk through the steps necessary to implement their customized plan. This workshop would be valuable for anyone that needs to enhance their advocacy efforts at any experience level.


Terry Moran, Massachusetts YouthBuild Coalition @mybcoalition

Terry Moran

Terry Moran has been working and volunteering in the nonprofit world his entire career.  For the past 22 years, he has been involved in the YouthBuild movement, locally, statewide, and nationally. He has started two YouthBuild programs in Massachusetts, worked nationally forming coalitions across the country, and for the past five years has been the Director of the Massachusetts YouthBuild Coalition. In this position, he oversees the quality of the 11 programs that serve Gateway Cities across the Commonwealth.

Emily Kowtoniuk, ADS Ventures @ads_ventures

Emily Kowtoniuk

Emily Kowtoniuk joined ADS Ventures with a strong background in law and public policy. Prior to joining ADS, Emily served as Chief of Staff in the State Senate. In the State Senate, she provided legal analysis and policy recommendations on economic development, public finance, and government innovation. Emily worked closely with the Executive Office for Administration and Finance and with the Office of the State Treasurer. Emily attended Tufts University, graduating with a degree in international relations. She graduated from Boston College Law School, focusing on criminology and state and local government law. Emily is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.

Mark Showan, Old Colony YMCA @OldColonyYMCA

Mark Showan

Mark Showan is the Vice President of Workforce Development for Old Colony YMCA. He oversees the YouthBuild programs in Brockton and Fall River. Mark has worked at YouthBuild since 2005 and formerly served as a Caseworker, Director of Student Services, and Program Manager. As a grant writer, he has successfully secured funding from state, federal, and private sources to broaden the fiscal base of the programs. Mark has also served as the chair of the Massachusetts YouthBuild Coalition and has overseen several advocacy campaigns in that capacity.

Rising Above the Noise: The Dos and Don’ts of Persuasive Communications

This workshop is designed for nonprofit professionals that are frustrated at their inability to rise above the noise. Why does the opposition get all the press? Why do our detractors command so much attention? Why can’t we penetrate the public dialogue with our messaging? Participants will learn about how a public narrative is formed and how the public comes to adopt a particular frame around an issue. Participants will explore the dos and don’ts of persuasive communications and examine ways to shift organizational messaging to introduce more compelling and alternative frames to the public narrative. By the end of this workshop, participants will have the tools that they need to identify a public narrative and use strategic framing to shift the way that the public thinks and talks about a particular issue. This workshop is ideal for executive directors, senior staff, and board members as well as dedicated communications directors at small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations.


Shaun Adamec, Adamec Communications @shaunadamec

Shaun Adamec

Shaun Adamec is Founder of Adamec Communications, specializing in strategy, messaging, and reputation management for mission-driven organizations. Adamec has directed communications for major nonprofit organizations, including City Year, MADD, American Red Cross, and the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. As Press Secretary for Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, Adamec served as spokesperson and managed communications efforts for 28 state cabinet agencies and also served as an advisor to O’Malley’s 2016 presidential campaign. He holds a BA in political science from Providence College and an MA in government from Johns Hopkins University. Adamec, his wife, and three children live near Boston.


Workshops: Session II

Building a “Better” Budget

Annual planning and budgeting are essential for reaching an organization’s goals, creating financially savvy employees, and planning for long-term positive outcomes. When annual planning and budgeting include those individuals responsible for achieving an organization’s goals and outcomes, better accuracy and accountability will result for the entire organization. In this workshop, participants will learn a practical methodology to create collaboration and gather input among management, programs, and fundraising to build budgets that serve as strategic maps. Participants will be provided with the knowledge, training, support, and tools that they need to build budgets and reach their organizational goals. This workshop is ideal for executive directors, senior managers, and program managers at organizations of all sizes.


Kate Mombourquette, Insource Services, Inc. @InsourceSvcs

mombourquette35Kate Mombourquette has built a career advising organizations on matters of financial operations and strategy. In particular, she utilizes financial and programmatic data to help inform strategic managerial and board decisions. Skilled at communicating financial information to non-finance managers, she specializes in assessing, creating and implementing financial policies and procedures for client organizations, Kate works in partnership with senior finance consultants to organize and manage the finance departments of small and mid-sized organizations. Kate has an MBA from Northeastern University.


Steven Gallucci, Insource Services, Inc. @InsourceSvcs

Steven Gallucci

Steven Gallucci works with his clients to assess and analyze financial information to inform strategic decisions. His experience includes all aspects of financial management and reporting, including budgeting and audit preparation. He is especially adept at streamlining operations and improving customized accounting systems. Steve is a CPA with 20 years of accounting and financial management experience. He has held various senior management positions, including chief financial officer and director of finance, with for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Steve holds an MBA in accounting and finance from Cornell University and a bachelor’s degree from Trinity College.

Cultural Competence for a Multigenerational Workforce

In this workshop, we will respond to the new working demographic—the millennial generation—from a culturally competent perspective. As a group, we will work on utilizing cultural proficiencies to maximize the benefits of having a robust, generationally diverse workforce. Participants will be invited to exercise cultural competence and use inclusion tools and resources to manage the dynamics of diversity in a way that helps organizations thrive in fulfilling their missions. After this workshop, participants will be able to articulate the value of generational differences in the workplace, and the skills learned will be transferable to any other “new” demographics that might challenge a workplace environment committed to diversity and following best practices in achieving that commitment. This workshop is ideal for any organization addressing cultural differences among generations and is designed for managers and employees as well as human resource professionals.


Gwendolyn VanSant, Multicultural BRIDGE @BRIDGE413

Gwendolyn VanSant

Gwendolyn VanSant is the CEO and Founding Director of Multicultural BRIDGE (2007), a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting cultural competency and integration of diverse groups in Western Massachusetts. She is also the Director of Engagement, Equity, and Inclusion and the Chair of Council for Equity and Inclusion at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. Gwendolyn serves as an appointed state official, the Chair of the Berkshire County Commission on the Status of Women. Gwendolyn is currently consulting as Grant Lead for Greylock Teach Fellows program at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, which works to cultivate tomorrow’s teachers of diverse backgrounds.

Do It. A Case Study in Community Building

This workshop explores the successes and lessons learned on a marketing and development campaign that took a small local nonprofit arts center from relative obscurity to one of the most vibrant and acclaimed cultural centers on Cape Cod. The Executive Director of Cotuit Center for the Arts will reflect on how hundreds rallied to support, promote, advocate for, and engage in the cultural wellbeing of their community. This case study will demonstrate the importance of team building, clear messaging, and communication of need. After this workshop, participants will be able to apply marketing and promotion best practices to build support, ownership, enthusiasm, and dedication from a broad spectrum of organizations and groups of people. This workshop is ideal for those associated with organizations looking for broad community involvement and support, those experiencing a sustained period of growth, and those planning a major capital campaign within the next five years.


David Kuehn, Cotuit Center for the Arts @CotuitArts1

David Kuehn

David Kuehn is the Executive Director of Cotuit Center for the Arts on Cape Cod. Since taking the helm in 2010, he has successfully led a revitalization program that has resulted in increased community awareness, membership and donor support, and quality programming in all areas of the arts. Kuehn holds a degree in music performance from UCLA. He spent 25 years in the classical recording industry where he eventually ran the classical music division of RCA records, guiding recording projects by such luminaries as Leontyne Price, Van Cliburn, and Michael Tilson Thomas, just to name a few.

From Board Member To Fundraiser in Five Easy Steps

Nonprofits need the participation of their boards to raise the funds required to carry out their missions. Not surprisingly, not all board members relish the idea of fundraising. With proper training and encouragement, however, that can change. In this workshop, nonprofit leaders will learn about a five-step training program developed to give board members the tools and the courage to fundraise. By the end of the session, participants will have the knowledge that they need to transform board members into confident fundraising partners for their organizations. This workshop is relevant to nonprofits of all sizes but will probably be most beneficial for small to mid-sized organizations looking to get their boards more involved in fundraising.


Cindy Rowe, Rowe Resources

Cindy Rowe

Cindy Rowe, Principal of Rowe Resources, has worked for over 20 years with over 60 nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and political campaigns to help them maximize their resources in the areas of fundraising, special event and conference planning, and board development. Prior to launching her consulting practice, she worked in the Massachusetts Legislature and Administration in the areas of public policy and community affairs. She received her undergraduate degree from Harvard College and her JD from Boston College Law School. She serves on several nonprofit and community boards.

Jill Goldenberg, Goldenberg Solutions Group


Jill Goldenberg, After 10 years at the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Eduction, most recently as Executive Director, Jill Goldenberg recently founded Goldenberg Solutions Group. Jill collaborates with nonprofits to transform leaders and joyfully raise funds. Throughout her 20+ years working with nonprofits, Jill has enabled organizations to raise millions of dollars that change lives. Jill’s strategies have improved the effectiveness of more than 100 boards. Jill is also the past president of the Jewish Community Relations Council of  Greater Boston, a former board member of Combined Jewish Philanthropies and of the Rashi School, and the former Associate Director of the Lawyers Clearinghouse.

Meaningful Accountability: A New Approach to Performance Management

Fewer than 3% of managers believe that their current approaches to performance management lead to positive outcomes for their employees and businesses. It’s no surprise when most review processes consist of complex checklists and awkwardly formal meetings twice a year. Research and common sense say that there’s a better way! In this workshop, we’ll explore a new option for performance management, as piloted by Citizen Schools. Grounded in the field of Positive Psychology and the science of high performance, we’ll share best practices that position managers and organization leaders to facilitate genuine conversations and leverage employee strengths to solve challenges and drive achievement. Participants will leave the session with the tools and mindsets needed to immediately implement performance conversations to increase employee engagement and enhance the performance quality of their direct reports.


Adam Maurer, Positively Partners @positivelyadam

Adam MaurerAdam Maurer currently serves as the CEO of Positively Partners, a consulting firm working with schools and nonprofit organizations to grow leaders, promote employee retention, and introduce strengths-based approaches to management. Prior to founding Positively Partners, Adam served as the head of talent for Citizen Schools and National Heritage Academies. Adam holds a bachelor’s degree as well as a master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where he conducted research under the supervision of Dr. Angela Duckworth on the role of grit as a predictor of teacher performance. Additionally, Adam holds a SPHR and was awarded an innovation award by Oracle/Taleo.

Jill Smerkers, Positively Partners @positivelyjills

Jill Smerkers

Jill Smerkers currently serves as the Vice President of Professional Services for Positively Partners, a consulting firm working with schools and nonprofit organizations to grow leaders, promote employee retention, and introduce strengths-based approaches to management. Prior to founding Positively Partners, Jill served as the Director of Human Resources at Citizen Schools. Jill holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary and special education from Providence College and a master’s degree in urban education policy from Brown University. Drawing from her background in the classrooms, studies in education policy, and hands-on experience as a certified human resources practitioner, Jill is passionate about bringing positive people development strategies to mission-driven organizations.

Nine Steps to Running a Winning Advocacy Campaign

The struggle to effect systematic policy change is all too familiar for many nonprofit organizations that focus on project based services. Yet the work that nonprofits do is for the common good and can often be more impactful if it is embedded in broader public policy and supported by elected leaders. This workshop will provide a strategic nine-step framework for developing and running an effective public education and advocacy campaign. Participants will learn how to design a plan for action including identifying targets, creating power maps, building an effective coalition, crafting a powerful message, and developing a tactical timeline for action. This workshop is ideal for any executive director, staffer, or project leader at any size organization that wants to develop and fine-tune their advocacy skills.


Matthew Wilson, MASSCreative @masscreative

Matthew Wilson

Matt Wilson is the Executive Director of MASSCreative, the statewide advocacy voice for the arts, cultural, and creative community in Massachusetts. In four years, MASSCreative has grown to more than 400 organizational members with 26,000 individuals taking part in public education and advocacy actions. Since 2013, MASSCreative’s campaigns have helped increase operational and capital investment into the Commonwealth’s creative community by 66%. MASSCreative coordinated the Create the Vote coalition that injected the issues of arts and culture into the 2013 Boston mayoral race, the 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial campaign, and several mayoral races across the Commonwealth in 2015.

The DNA of Successful Relationships

Every day, we subconsciously build and maintain relationships. This workshop will share the power behind being more intentional about engaging in meaningful relationships to advance your organization’s work. Together, we will discuss how relationship building and strategic engagement are the foundation to a robust individual giving program. Participants will learn how to assess their network and their organization’s network, identify the strengths and opportunities within their team, determine how to intentionally leverage the relationship cycle to their advantage, and practice what it looks like to engage others in their work. Participants will leave with a new perspective on relationship building and tools to help them carry what they learn forward.


Kristin Howard, MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership @wright_always

Kristin Howard

Kristin Howard is the Senior Director of Development for MENTOR. In this role, Howard is responsible for all organizational fundraising, including developing and implementing a funding strategy, expanding corporate and foundation partnerships, and creating meaningful opportunities for individuals to join the mentoring movement. Howard joined MENTOR in August 2015 after serving as Director of Development for Youth Villages New England for six years. She began her career in 2000 at Children’s Trust, where she served in several roles, ending as Director of Special Events and Stewardship in 2009. Howard holds a BA from Northeastern University and is an INML alumna.

The Elevator Pitch: Sell Them on Your Ideas, Your Organization, You!

Effectively creating and delivering an elevator pitch is a critical skill for professionals at all levels. In this workshop, we will discuss how to create a more interesting and impactful elevator pitch so that participants are able to sell their ideas, gain support for their organization, get their projects funded, and ace the interview. Participants will learn practical tips for writing an elevator pitch, techniques for storytelling and engaging an audience, and the secrets of master presenters like Steve Jobs.


Jeanne Union, Union Sales Presentation Coaching

Jeanne UnionJeanne Union of Union Sales Presentation Coaching is an accomplished coach, facilitator, trainer, and consultant with more than 30 years of experience in presentation coaching, sales, and business storytelling. Recently, she was a global sales presentation coach at IBM, coaching over 1,000 individuals and contributing to sales of $14 billion. Jeanne also coaches entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas, products, and services, including a contestant for Shark Tank. She is a mentor at Entrepreneurship for All and has conducted Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch at the Center for Women and Enterprise and for InnoVentures. Jeanne holds degrees from Northeastern University and Westfield State University.

Understanding the Landscape of Government Funding

This workshop will offer a glimpse into the world of government grant funding for nonprofits and provide strategic as well as logistical advice for identifying, applying for, and securing funding from various agencies of state and federal governments. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a moderated discussion panel featuring three experts in government funding. We will cover a variety of topics such as: federal policies and trends that impact funding to states and nonprofits; the logistics of identifying viable opportunities; understanding social impact financing; and hurdles that nonprofits face in submitting successful applications. The ideal audience for this workshop includes professionals—at all experience levels—looking to diversify their funding, streamline their advocacy, increase their program impact, and clarify strategic direction.


Chet Atkins, ADS Ventures @ads_ventures

Boston, MA. ADS Ventures, 31 Newbury Street, Suite 301F, Boston 02116, 617.236.5830. Formal headshots and editorial shots for use in PR and web. Contact Casey Atkins @ x102. David Costello ref.

Chet Atkins founded ADS Ventures after more than 20 years in public service. In 1970, Chet became the youngest person elected to the Massachusetts House and soon after won a seat in the State Senate. Serving as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Chet led reforms to modernize the budget and was elected to the US House in 1984 and served on the Appropriations, Foreign Affairs, Ethics, and Budget Committees. Chet has served on the boards of the Center for Justice and Accountability, Amnesty International, Oxfam America, Emerson Hospital, Cambridge College, Plimoth Plantation, and Refugees International.

Lee Foley, Capitol Hill Partners

Lee Foley

Lee Foley has worked as one of Washington’s foremost counselors on policy and legislative advocacy. At Capitol Hill Partners, Lee advises clients and represents various interests before Congress and the Executive Branch in issue areas including elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education, employment and training, employment security, community and economic development, job creation, community development finance, small business development, rural and agricultural programs, and disability and civil rights policy. In Washington, Lee has served in a variety of positions including White House domestic policy advisor, chief of staff at a federal agency, and staffer for two US Senate committees.

Navjeet Bal, Social Finance @socialfinanceUS

Navjeet Bal

Navjeet Bal serves as Vice President and General Counsel at Social Finance. She is responsible for developing and executing innovative financings that bridge the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to promote solutions to social needs. She brings over 25 years of experience as a public finance attorney and a public official including serving as Commissioner of Revenue from 2008 to 2011. As bond counsel to the Commonwealth and many public authorities throughout New England, Navjeet was responsible for structuring innovative bond financings to address critical infrastructure needs. She represented Massachusetts in negotiating and documenting Pay-for-Success contracts addressing juvenile justice and chronic homelessness.

Your Story Your Way

In 2015, the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus became the first LGBT chorus to tour the Middle East. Its communications goal was to showcase the Middle East Tour as an agent of social change and demonstrate that music performed by an openly gay male choral group can move audiences to a deeper understanding of LGBT people. In this workshop, participants will learn how Boston Gay Men’s Chorus built and implemented its communications plan. Participants will leave the session equipped with the tools necessary to build communications plans for major events—including: defining communications goals, identifying audiences, developing key messages, and determining communications methods and vehicles. This workshop is ideal for executive directors, communications directors or managers, and development directors from nonprofits of any size.


Susan Ryan-Vollmar, Influence Consulting @srvollmar

April 25, 2011. Arlington, MA. Susan Ryan-Vollmar. Boston Spirit © 2011 Marilyn Humphries www.humphriesphotography.com

Susan Ryan-Vollmar has worked for nearly 25 years in media and communications, primarily focused on LGBT and social justice issues. Since 2010, she has run Influence Consulting, a communications consultancy working primarily with nonprofit organizations. As a journalist, she led the Bay Windows’ coverage of the marriage equality battle, which influenced legislative debate on Beacon Hill. As news editor of the Boston Phoenix, she oversaw the paper’s investigative reporting that exposed the abuse of children by priests taking place within the Boston Archdiocese.

Craig Coogan, Boston Gay Men’s Chorus @BGMC1982

Craig CooganCraig Coogan has been Executive Director of the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus since 2012. He is an expert in developing strategies and programs to help GLBTA and other nonprofit organizations achieve their operational and artistic goals. He previously served as Executive Director for One Voice Mixed Chorus in St. Paul, MN and was a founding board member and served for 10 years as treasurer of the acclaimed women’s choral group Vox Femina Los Angeles. He has produced independent movies and several award-winning documentaries and acclaimed original plays.


Workshops: Session III

Discovering and Developing Your Brand

What constitutes a good, solid brand? More than just a logo, tagline, jingle, or mascot, a brand is a unique claim of distinction that separates an organization from all the rest. In this workshop, participants will learn about the importance of a brand and the value that it can bring to an organization. We will walk through the stages of discovering and developing a brand, including: prioritizing organizational goals; identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; discovering an organization’s unique claim of distinction; pinpointing an organization’s audience; outlining audience touch points; and crafting a brand statement. Participants will leave with the tools to increase the value of their organization and make better connections with their stakeholders.


Christine Tieri, Idea Agency @christieri

Christine Tieri

Christine Tieri, President of Idea Agency, works with businesses, brands, communities, and individuals to help them build their path to success. As the only Certified Brand Strategist in New England, Christine is driven to discover her clients’ unique position, help them put a stake in the ground, and build programs to support their goals. Christine was named one of Central Massachusetts’ Outstanding Women In Business by Worcester Business Journal. Christine is a sought-after speaker on the topic of brand and an expert facilitator of workshops that help companies solve business challenges with creativity.

Driving Demand for Social Change

Just because there’s a clear need for a social program or service, doesn’t mean there’s demand. We call this the “need-equals-demand fallacy.” And it’s widely felt. Even highly rated, evidence-based programs that work can’t overcome lack of awareness or disinterest. Achieving scale with such programs requires more. Nonprofits and funders must be prepared to generate demand. This workshop will uncover common misconceptions among nonprofit leaders that cause program seats to go unfilled. With examples of where nonprofits have stumbled, as well as excelled, on this front, we will look at a three-part framework for how nonprofits can turn under-enrolled programs into over-subscribed programs. Participants will also have the opportunity to apply this framework to their own challenges with demand generation.


Matthew Plummer, The Bridgespan Group @MTPlummer

Matt Plummer

Matthew Plummer is a Manager in Bridgespan’s Boston office. Since joining the firm in 2011, Matt has worked with large national nonprofit networks and foundations across the public health and youth development sub-sectors and played a role in Bridgespan’s philanthropic initiative, Give Smart. His work has focused on strategic planning, growth strategy, and funding models. His public health projects have covered a range of topics, including diabetes prevention, philanthropy in public health, and healthy eating active living policy and built environment change. Matt graduated from Yale University with a BS in mechanical engineering and psychology.

Finding the Talent You Need: Lessons from Mapping the Nonprofit Talent Ecosystem

Nonprofits struggle to find the talent they need. It can feel like an isolated problem, but there are larger forces affecting the influx and recruitment of talent in the nonprofit sector. Ecosystem mapping offers a way to see the whole system and find leverage points for change. It’s an easy-to-learn, participatory method of building a holistic picture of a system that can then be used for analysis and discovery. In this workshop, participants learn the basics of ecosystem mapping and apply the method in order to understand the challenges affecting talent in the nonprofit sector. Through an experiential activity, we will explore the nonprofit talent ecosystem and gain new insights into potential levers to pull in order to affect change.


Maya Townsend, Partnering Resources @mayapare

Maya TownsendMaya Townsend, Founder of Partnering Resources, helps individuals, teams, and organizations thrive in our networked world. She uses knowledge of the art and science of networks to help leaders find opportunity in complex ecosystems, influence change, and build high performing, collaborative workplaces. Her clients include Fortune 500, mid-sized, emerging, and nonprofit organizations, such as Biogen Idec, Fidelity, Intel, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, MIT, Thomson Reuters, and National Braille Press. Maya is co-editor of Handbook for Strategic HR: Best Practices in Organization Development from the OD Network (AMACOM, 11/2012). Her articles have been published in Nonprofit Quarterly, CIO, Talent Management, and other outlets.

Cassie Scarano, Commongood Careers @cgcareers

Cassie ScaranoCassie Scarano is CEO and Co-Founder of Commongood Careers. With deep experience in nonprofit management and hiring, Cassie has been involved in hundreds of searches for high-impact nonprofit organizations including Nonprofit Finance Fund, Ceres, Year Up, and GreenLight Fund. Cassie has over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector and has served as the Dean of Admissions at The Steppingstone Foundation, Director of Operations at The New Teacher Project’s Massachusetts Institute for New Teachers (MINT), and Director of Summerbridge Cambridge. Cassie is a former Board member of Breakthrough Cambridge and an alumna of LeadBoston.

Increasing Your Star Power: How to Shine in Your Career

The Boston Globe recently reported that two-thirds of New England’s nonprofit leaders plan to leave their positions within five years, creating opportunities for the next generation of nonprofit professionals. This workshop is designed to help the next generation leverage their talents, interests, and opportunities to advance their careers and become distinguished leading performers (i.e., stars) on the nonprofit stage. Participants will learn how to maximize career satisfaction and potential by identifying values, interests, and skills and determining how best to integrate those into career goals. The ideal audience for this workshop is early to mid-level nonprofit professionals looking to advance their careers and enhance personal satisfaction at work.


Sue Ogle, ESC of New England @escne

Sue Ogle

Sue Ogle, an ESC Consultant since 2002, has 30 years of training and consulting experience that include Founder of OGLE Training and Consulting (1992), Assistant Director for Career Placement at Yale School of Management, and Career Advisor at University of Rhode Island. In addition, she was Regional Director for the Northeast Region of the American Society for Training and Development as well as President of the Southern Connecticut Chapter. As an ESC Consultant, Sue has worked with multiple nonprofits on organizational development, change management, and team building.

Is Your Nonprofit Meeting Its Mission?

What is performance management? How well is your nonprofit implementing performance management practices? Having a clear and well-developed framework for performance management can improve the organizational effectiveness of any nonprofit. In this workshop, participants will learn what performance management is, how an organization’s mission statement can drive performance management, the role of the program logic model, and how performance management can best be used to communicate impact to internal leadership and external funders. By the end of the session, participants will be able to assess and strengthen their performance management practices, mission statements, program logic models, and database systems. This workshop is ideal for management staff of nonprofits (e.g., executive directors, program managers, and grant managers), with a special focus on small and mid-sized organizations.


Ellen Bass, Black Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston, Inc. @bmaboston7

Ellen Bass

Ellen Bass serves as the Founding Director of the Capacity Institute, a two-year capacity building process to develop performance management systems for community-based organizations that engage youth and families. Ellen also founded and leads the Nonprofit Performance Management Consultant Network. Previously, Ellen founded and led the Boston Capacity Tank at the Black Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston. With an MBA in public and nonprofit management, Ellen has served in resource development for 20 years and in program development for 35 years.

Stefanie Archer, 501Partners @501partners

Stefanie Archer

Stefanie Archer has been involved with local nonprofits for the last 18 years. With over 10 years of experience in professional organizing and creating information and project management systems, Stefanie has expertise in building customized organizational systems for individuals, nonprofits, and small businesses. She has provided numerous trainings for individuals and groups on a variety of topics over the last 15 years. Stefanie holds an MBA in nonprofit management from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University and is a Certified Information Professional.

Making the Ask: Creating Effective Appeals

In this workshop, we will provide a new framework for writing effective annual campaign letters, online appeals, thank you letters, and case statements building on the SUCCESs model from Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath. Participants will gain insight into the ineffectiveness of some long-standing practices in annual campaigns and online appeals as well as new perspectives on how to create more compelling fundraising materials. We will review specific campaigns and videos that illustrate the SUCCESs model and give participants the opportunity to draft their next appeal using this new framework.


Eric Phelps, RAINMAKER Consulting @ericlphelps

Eric Phelps

Eric Phelps is a Principal with RAINMAKER Consulting. He has served as Vice President of Development for VentureWell, a national nonprofit supporting university inventors and innovators, where he secured more than $35 million in funding from major foundations and donors. Eric has also served as Director of the Grinspoon Institute for Jewish Philanthropy for the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, Executive Director of the New Art Center, and Executive Director of VSA Arts of Georgia. Eric has a BA in psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a certificate in ASL interpreting from Georgia State University. Eric is the author of the forthcoming book If Money Can Fix It, It’s Not The Problem.

Minimizing Cost and Maximizing Impact: Getting the Most Out of Your Work with Consultants

Organizations use consultants for many reasons, ranging from outsourced resource development, such as communications or grant-writing support, to meeting facilitation, one-off research projects, or strategic planning. While they often add much needed value, consultants do come at a price. In this workshop, we will discuss best practices in searching for, hiring, and working with consultants to minimize cost and maximize impact. The session will include a presentation of the five principles of using consultants. We will also look at real life examples of successful and not so successful consulting projects. After this workshop, participants will be able to go back to their organization with a clear plan for how to strategically engage consultants.


Josh Moulton, Strategy Matters @560strategy

Josh MoultonJosh Moulton joined Strategy Matters in 2016. His background in philosophy guides his innovative, dynamic, and unorthodox approach to problem-solving as a facilitator and strategic planner for businesses and nonprofit organizations. Before joining Strategy Matters, Josh was Co-Director of Ayuda Directa USA, an international nonprofit that planned and executed education and development projects in rural Ecuador. Josh currently serves on the board of directors for the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance, where he helps to oversee funding decisions on behalf of victims of crime. He holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a BA in philosophy from Reed College.

Ready, Aim, Fire: Building Your Development Plan

Too often, a nonprofit’s development plan is focused on one-time annual revenue sources (annual appeal + annual gala + foundation grants = annual revenue). The year ends, and the nonprofit must begin all over again. Organizations like this need “philantherapy” to cure their “annualitis.” How do you build a sustainable revenue program? How do you build a multi-year plan that positions you to attract a community of philanthropic investors who will serve as partners in achieving your mission and vision? This workshop is designed to help nonprofit leaders build a multi-year plan to position them for revenue growth in the future. After this workshop, participants will be able to envision a path forward with a balance between annual and sustainable, multi-year funding. Participants will also be positioned to craft a multi-year development plan that will take their revenue program to a new level. This workshop is ideal for executive directors and development leaders.


Charles (Chuck) Gordon, New Kensington Group

Chuck Gordon

For nearly 30 years, Chuck Gordon has served as a senior nonprofit professional and consultant, helping nonprofit leaders in Boston and across the country realize their vision by raising increased revenues. Having previously served as the CDO at United Way, City Year, Health Leads, and uAspire, Chuck today leads the New Kensington Group, a full-service consulting firm helping nonprofit leaders grow their organizations. His work focuses on strategic planning, fundraising, executive search, and board leadership and governance support. A nationally recognized trainer and speaker, he dedicates significant time to building the fundraising capacity of nonprofit professionals and volunteers.

The Essential Board Plan

In this workshop, we will walk through a simple yet powerful board practice—creating an annual board work plan. We will identify the key governance roles of boards then introduce a way to help boards self-assess performance relative to those roles. Participants will learn how to build a simple structure of clear accountability for implementing annual board goals and how to assemble an annual board work plan. Participants will leave with a free board plan template and an understanding of how to complete most of the work in a single two-hour board meeting. This workshop is ideal for board chairs and executive directors.


Jay Vogt, EssentialWorth @EssentialWorth

Jay Vogt

Jay Vogt is Co-Founder and CEO of EssentialWorth. Jay is an organizational development consultant with 30 years of experience and a private practice (Peoplesworth) in strategic planning and change management. He is an accomplished facilitator, mediator, trainer, management consultant, and coach. He is a master at facilitating large groups, having led hundreds of events averaging 100 or more participants. Jay is the author of Recharge Your Team: The Grounded Visioning Approach and Board Roles to Board Goals—Creating an Annual Board Workplan. He holds a master’s degree in counseling from Antioch University New England and a BA from Hampshire College.

Judy Ozbun, EssentialWorth @EssentialWorth

Judy Ozbun

Judy Ozbun is Co-founder and COO of EssentialWorth. Judy is an executive coach and strategy consultant to small business and nonprofit leaders through her consultancy (JOi Group), offering more than 20 years of experience leading teams in corporate, nonprofit, and small business environments. She has served as a nonprofit executive for national social services and health policy organizations, as a board member, as a board chair, and as a corporate philanthropist. Judy earned her MBA from Boston University and a BA in English from the University of Wyoming. She is a certified professional coach and member of ICF.

The Resilient Nonprofit: 12 Questions for Sustained Change

This workshop will focus on transformational leadership and change in the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit organizations are experiencing constant pressure from evolving technologies, regulatory and political dynamics, and shifting expectations of staff and volunteers. This workshop is designed for any leader who has a strong desire to act but is at a loss for how to begin leading and sustaining change. Participants will leave the session with: (a) a better understanding of transformational leadership; (a) an introduction to 21st-century organizational dynamics; and (c) recommended steps for creating a more resilient organization capable of sustained change.


Daniel Doucette, BraveShift @braveshift

Daniel Doucette

Daniel Doucette is an organizational effectiveness advisor, leadership coach, and Founder of BraveShift. His 25-year career in the for-purpose sector, including 12 years as a CFO and COO, provides broad expertise in strategy, operations management, leadership development, staff engagement, organizational design and culture, and process optimization. His reputation is one of a dynamic advocate for whole systems to embrace change as well as an empathetic counselor for individuals working through change. Daniel thrives when working with small groups and individuals, enabling others to elevate performance by connecting their sense of purpose and priorities with targeted behaviors and actions.