Nonprofit 411: Where We Have Been & Where We Are Going – Considerations From an HR, Finance, and IT Perspective

Nonprofit 411 Insource-minBy Saleha Walsh, Vice President, Insource Services, Inc.

In this year of surreal change and anxiety, it can be a challenge to appreciate the progress and transformation many organizations are experiencing. As a firm that supports many nonprofits with their back-office business operations, we too were propelled into quick action a year ago and reflect on the trends we’ve seen as our clients adapt to this new reality.

The shift to a suddenly remote workforce and the events in the world has presented leaders with the dual challenge of stabilizing operations and rising to support employees as they juggle work/life balance. We hope sharing some of these trends will show you that you are not alone and may prompt you to consider some of these options at your organization.

Employer Challenges

  • Pivoting to remote operations and now, considering the office of the future (remote, traditional, hybrid), automating tools and processes
  • Providing more support for employee wellness and mental health
  • Proactively taking a stand on civic responsibility and exploring practices with a DE&I lens
  • Stabilizing operations in a time of uncertainty

Trends and Strategies

Different and more frequent employee check-ins

  • Town halls and issue forums
  • Deliberate connection – create “water cooler” time – chat, video, phone
  • Be the bearers of good news – positive updates, reassuring transparency

Reexamination of space and equipment, IT needs

  • Individual offices vs. congregate space considerations, what do you need, how do you want to invest your office dollars
  • Equipment needs review (copiers, phones, faxes – are they needed anymore?)
  • Reviews of IT system reliability and security, related policies
  • Reviewing computing needs for increasing applications (Zoom, Teams, etc.)
  • Incorporating collaboration tools into systems (SharePoint, Teams, Office 365, etc.)
  • Shift to cloud-based recordkeeping and investment in IT infrastructure
  • Increased IT security to avoid scams – multi-factor authentication, device monitoring
  • Staff security training

Showcasing and engaging staff

  • Creating affinity groups, DE&I educational opportunities (formal training, informal Read and Reflect sessions, or other opportunities for dialog)
  • Forming cross-organizational communication committees to address employee information needs and concerns

Providing increased employee support

  • Uptick in employee assistance programs (through disability carriers/free or standalone resources and training)
  • Expressing care and appreciation (thoughtful gifts mailed to employee’s homes, etc.)
  • Intranet reboots
  • Redesigning benefits around new realities (meal delivery vs. pre-tax parking, etc.)

Reexamining traditional standards and tools of productivity

  • Considering flexible standard work hours and locations
  • Modifying policies to accommodate remote or hybrid work requirements (security, childcare, reimbursement standards, etc.)
  • Work as a place of purpose and productivity vs. a location
  • Automation of financial processes – implementation of, Expensify, DocuSign, and other automated and streamlining tools – replacing traditionally paper transactions
  • Retaining proper segregations of duties and updating accounting procedures

Setting a standard of corporate citizenship and responsibility

  • Giving back, employee matching programs
  • Creating a learning environment
  • Taking a stand
  • Increasing and supporting diversity and inclusion efforts

These are just a few of the trends we’ve been seeing in our work with clients. While this has been a stressful and difficult time, there have been some silver linings. As we emerge from the past year’s tribulations, we are grateful to have survived and honored to have witnessed all the good that can come out of even the darkest of times.

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