Member Spotlight: Improbable Players

When it comes to talking about the impact of the nonprofit sector in Massachusetts, perhaps some of the best authorities on the subject are the people who work on the front lines to change lives and inspire hope.

This MNN member organization has brought engaging theatrical performances centered around the issue of substance abuse prevention and recovery to schools and communities throughout Massachusetts. Improbable Players uses theater to address addiction, alcoholism, and the opioid epidemic. They show what addiction looks like, what seeking help looks like, and what recovery looks like. In just 34 years, they’ve held shows in front of over a million people and have employed over 200 actors in recovery.

Meet Elizabeth. She’s an actor and board member at Improbable Players. In the video below, Elizabeth recounts the story of one student who made a profound change after participating in Improbable Player’s programming. Click below to learn more.