General Program Grant

The General Program Grant allows you to create a customized training plan to meet your organization’s needs.wtfp pic 3

Funding Available: Up to $250,000 to deliver customized training to existing employees.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Organizations of any size
  • Training must align with mission of fund:
    • Promote job growth, retention, or increased wages
    • Improve organization productivity, competitiveness, ability to accomplish mission
    • Incentivize private
  • Grant funds must be matched $1/$1. Matching includes related expenses like employee wages while in training. In 90% of cases, the match is met by simply paying employees during training
  • Training must be job related
  • Training should supplement, not replace current investment in training
    • No mandatory training (e.g. OSHA)
    • Will not cover training that would have taken place without the grant
  • Training must take place within 2 years of grant approval
  • Organization must be able to demonstrate return on investment for training (success metrics are determined by organization)


General WTFP eligibility:

    • Organization contributes to WTFP through contributory Unemployement Insurance payments
    • Participating employees must be on payroll in Massachusetts
    • Organization has current Certificate of Good Standing (dated within 6 months) and is not debarred from doing business in MA

INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLY: Click here and complete forms provided.

The Workforce Training Fund Program is administered by the Commonwealth Corporation, a quasi-public entity under the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. For technical questions about the grant applications or requirements, please visit