Interactive Map: The Massachusetts Nonprofit Sector

Data Map Slider

The Massachusetts Nonprofit Network is proud to present an interactive map that showcases the depth and reach of nonprofit organizations across Massachusetts. The map provides a visual frame of reference for the size and diversity of the nonprofit sector, and the interactive interface allows users to explore organizations making a difference in their own communities.

How the map works:

  • The map opens to a state-level view, through which you can hover over and see district-by-district details about the number of nonprofits and their funding compared to the state median.
  • Zoom in further to watch red dots appear, each representing a nonprofit, and click on a district of interest.
  • A left-side panel breaks down the sub-sectors and income level of the top 50 nonprofits in the district.
  • Colorful circles indicate the amount of assets for an organization; the larger the circle, the more assets the organization has, and the color corresponds to the specific sub-sector (explained by the key on the left sidebar).
  • Hover over any of the circles and see the organization’s name appear on the top left, along with its income and assets.
  • Locate organizations of interest and see where they fall in comparison to their neighbors and the state.

We encourage you to spend some time exploring the map.  Ultimately, we hope this information will be used to better understand and meet the most common needs in the state.

Click here to view the map.