Plum Street Advisors, LLC

Plum Street Advisors is a financial planning and investment firm with a focus on non-profits. Our professionals have served and/or currently serve as treasurer, board chair, and finance committee members for small and medium-sized non-profit entities. We offer a holistic approach, including a road map that covers: · Leading discussions with your board about cash management and long-term planning

· Creating your entity’s Investment Policy Statement

· Developing a strategic asset allocation for short and long-term assets

· Implementing investments through low-cost ETFs and index funds

· Considering use of socially responsible investments aligned with your mission

Service Region
Greater Boston, Metrowest, Northeast
Core Competencies
Financial planning, board education, investment management strategic planning, financial policies and governance
Discount for MNN Members:

We follow a planning-first approach, meaning we do not charge fees for board education or financial planning work.

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