Hingham Institution For Savings

Our ‘specialized deposit group’ that works closely with many non-profit organizations. Our banking apps allow you to manage all of your accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, and initiate and approve wire transfers online or via mobile app. All of our remote check deposit solutions are offered free of charge to our customers, including our mobile app and even our desktop scanners for high-volume customers. We offer wire transfers free of charge. We offer a checking account with no minimum balance requirements, no monthly fees, and no transaction limits or fees. We have unlimited deposit insurance from the FDIC and DIF.
Service Region
Cape & Islands, Central, Greater Boston, Metrowest, Northeast, Southeast
Core Competencies
Fully insured deposits by the FDIC and DIF, Free wire transfers, free ach services, Non-profit lending, Free check scanning and scanners
Discount for MNN Members:

We will not charge MNN members for overdrafts.

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