Capital Motion

Sustainable Multi-Channel Revenue Development We work with you and your team to develop and implement a sustainable, multi-channel revenue program that supports your organization and the delivery of your mission for the long-term. The alternative to sustainable, multiple sources of revenue can be frustrating; reliance, even at times, complete dependence, on a single fundraising source, type of donor or grantor, campaign strategy or approach, or even a single donor or individual grant. If this sounds familiar, and like something past which you, your board, and/or your leadership team would like to move, our advisory and implementation services offer a solution.

Service Region
Berkshires, Cape & Islands, Central, Greater Boston, Metrowest, Northeast, Pioneer Valley, Southeast
Core Competencies
Identify opportunities for revenue growth; Implement programs that raise revenue; Strategic planning; Work collaboratively; Deliver results to our clients that are meaningful to them
Discount for MNN Members:

We offer a complimentary consultation for MNN Members to discuss your current development/revenue program and how your organization might build and benefit from a multi-channel approach.

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