Baird Associates, Inc.

Baird Associates is a strategic management toolworks. We develop fully integrated organizational solutions using information technology in the context of mission driven management. For more than 25 years Baird Associates has provided management and information technology advice, services and support. We almost always work onsite with our customers - we don't just throw technology at your organization; we integrate it into your management structure, environment, culture, and processes.

Our clients span the non-profit community from the Arts to Youth Services. They include Environmental, Human Services, Community Development, Cultural, Health Care, Public Advocacy, Private and Public Education and more - - organizations that support and strengthen community and family life. We continually welcome new organizations, yet pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we have sustained - over 20 years in some cases.

We approach all of our work as a partnership - matching your vision of what your organization needs with our many years of experience in hundreds of other nonprofits to find the right solution at the right price: effective, sustainable, affordable.

We work with you to find solutions that strengthen your organization.

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