Leadership and Employee Resources

Employee College Repayment AssistanceLeadership-Employee-Resourc

Congress.gov: College Cost Reduction and Access Act (.pdf)

Equal Justice Works: Student Debt Relief

Federal Student Aid

Financial Aid Calculator

Income-Based Repayment Info

MNN: Student Loan Forgiveness for Nonprofit Workers


Leadership Succession

Annie E. Casey Foundation: Nonprofit Executive Leadership and Transitions Survey

FML: How to Do Succession Planning

MNN: But what if you get hit by that bus?

NCON: Facing the Future

NCON: Succession Planning for Nonprofits

Raffa: Transition Guides

TSNE: Leadership New England Report


Leader Resources

FML: Free Basic Guide to Leadership and Supervision

MNN 411 Article: Creating a Great Place to Work – It’s All About Leaders

MNN 411 Article: Nonprofit Leaders Should Not Try to do Everything

MNN 411 Article: Sink, Swim or Soar – The Choice is Yours

MNN 411 Article: Zoning Basics for Nonprofit ED’s

TSNE: Be a Better, Adaptive Supervisor


Mission Statement

FML: Basics of Developing Mission, Vision and Values Statements

Foundation Center: Develop Vision and Mission Statements

Grant Space: Nonprofit Mission Statements Online Resources

Raise Funds: Don’t Make Your Organization’s Statement of Purpose A “Mission Impossible”


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