MNN Annual Conference Workforce Training Fund Express Program

Qualifying organizations may be reimbursed 50% of the cost of training (up to $3000/employee/year) for our pre-qualified training.

Your organization may be eligible for training funds if:

  • You have fewer than 100 employees
  • Your company pays into the Workforce Training Fund (Click here to learn more)
  • Your company is able to pay for half of the desired course cost
  • Your company is current with unemployment insurance benefits
  • Your company is in good standing with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue and you can provide a valid Massachusetts Department of Revenue Certificate of Good Standing

How to Apply:

  • It is highly recommended that you request the Certificate of Good Standing now, making it available upon application approval. For the purposes of the Workforce Training Fund Program, the Certificate of Good Standing is only valid for 6 months.
  • Submit an online application to the Workforce Training Fund and allow 6 weeks for application processing.
  • You will need the course ID
    • The Course ID is: 1107365
    • The Course name is “MNN Annual Conference”
    • The training provider is “Massachusetts Nonprofit Network”

For full application instructions and links, click here.

For questions about applying contact Tonja Mettlach at