2008 Conference

“Strengthening Nonprofits in an Age of Precious Resources” brought together nonprofit organizations, as well as consultants and foundations, to bolster their knowledge of effective practices thus strengthening their ability to carry out their mission and work. Despite the fact that funding can be limited, the great demands of the nonprofit world continue to mount. Using a very creative approach, Massachusetts Nonprofit Network sought to develop a strong voice for the sector in the area of advocacy, while connecting nonprofits in Massachusetts with available resources and each other. Over 375 people attended and took part in this exciting opportunity.

Conference Photos

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Keynote Speakers:

Liz Walker, WBZ; Steve Grossman, former chair of the DNC; and Kip Tiernan, co-founder of Rosie’s Place


  • MNN Action Session I: Public Awareness of the Nonprofit Sector
  • Effective Practices: Building Your Nonprofit’s Infrastructure – Organization Culture: Oil or Sand?
  • Event Planning Olympics: Who Will Take Home the Gold?
  • Funding Continuous Improvement Outcomes: Lessons Learned from the Trenches
  • Looking for Leverage in All the Right Places
  • Mission Driven Organizations: Growing your network to help build your organization
  • New IRS Form 990 for Exempt Organizations; Things Every Practitioner Needs to Know
  • Nonprofit Leadership: Building Sustainability by Prioritizing on the Right Stuff, but How Do You Know?
  • The Real Value of Strategic Planning
  • MNN Action Session II: Advocacy for the Nonprofit Sector — Income tax ballot question, what issues should MNN take on?
  • Board Roles to Board Goals: Creating an Annual Board Work Plan
  • Fundraising in a tight economy: Best Practices for Success
  • Passion & Purpose: Raising the Fiscal Fitness Bar for Massachusetts Nonprofits
  • Social Enterprise Quickstarts
  • Strategic Planning as Organizational Development
  • Update on Labor and Employment Law for Nonprofits
  • Updating Nonprofit Governance to Address the New Form 990
  • Making the Most of Disruption: When You’re Changing Executive Directors
  • MNN Action Session III- Effective Nonprofit Practices: How can MNN help
  • Cultivating New and Different Leadership
  • Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers
  • ISO My Dream Funder: How to Tell if a Potential Grant maker is a Good Match
  • Making Strategy Work: Using the Balanced Scorecard to Drive Change in Your Organization (Nonprofit Governance & Leadership / Strategic Planning)
  • Marketing Your Organization’s Volunteer Opportunities at Community Events
  • Action Session – Nonprofit Work Space: To Rent, to Own, or to Collaborate?
  • Turning Vision Into Reality: Action Plans and Budgets
  • Data-Driven Advocacy in Today’s Policy-Making World
  • Using Social Media to Engage Gen Y