2017 Conference RFP

MNN’s Annual Conference: Celebrating 10 Years of MNNLeise Jones Photography-12

November 1, 2017 | Framingham Sheraton

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MNN’s annual conference on November 1 in Framingham will bring together more than 600 nonprofit professionals and for-profit affiliates from across the state. At this year’s conference, join us in celebrating MNN’s 10 year anniversary. Our conference will celebrate this milestone by taking stock of the nonprofit sector’s position in 2017 and looking at the opportunities and challenges that have arisen in the past decade. Tapping into the collective expertise of our attendees and presenters, we will look at how to overcome today’s challenges and continue to build upon our successes in the decades ahead.

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Please email info@massnonprofitnet.org or call us at 617-330-1188.