Nonprofit 411: 5 Ways to Raise Funds & Awareness For Your Nonprofit

MattReason-Booster_HeadshotBy Matt Reason, Director of Partnerships, Booster, LLC (Booster will be exhibiting at MNN’s annual conference on October 29– be sure to stop by and learn more about creative ways to fundraise and build awareness.)

Massachusetts is home to more than 33,000 nonprofit organizations, and sometimes it’s tough to stand out in a crowd. Here are five creative ways you can raise funds and awareness for your organization:

Awareness Months, Weeks & Days

Throughout the year there’s a never-ending stream of national “awareness” months, weeks, or days going on to focus public attention on worthy causes. Does your nonprofit serve schools or medical research? Check out this
2014-15 Calendar of National Educational and Health Awareness Dates. But it’s not limited to just education and health care. Do some research, find out if and when there is a national, or local, time of awareness related to your cause and
plan your outreach and fundraising efforts with the awareness dates in mind.


Everyone loves t-shirts! T-shirt fundraisers go beyond just raising money, by also boosting awareness and spirits. The TeamSAM Fund (Boston-based nonprofit supporting cancer survivors) designed and sold a #cancerisntfree t-shirt to launch its annual campaign. Wearing shirts you design with your organization’s brand in mind, supporters become walking billboards for your cause, and proceeds from shirt purchases and additional donations go directly to you.

Tap into Facebook

With Facebook, word of mouth becomes “word of mouse,” helping turn Friends into donors and volunteers. Here’s 5-easy Facebook posts you can use to promote your fundraising campaigns.

Create PSAs

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a PSA video is even more powerful!
Reach out to professors teaching multimedia courses in metro-Boston, or contact a local school, to have students create YouTube videos to describe your cause and drive traffic to your website.

Leverage Local Support

As Massachusetts’ own Tip O’Neil famously said “all politics is local.” Charitable giving is local too! Enlist your top volunteers to reach out to media and businesses near you to show support with a free ad or a donate profits day, such as Whole Foods Market Community Giving Day. Additionally, ask a local printer and retailers if they can help with a pinup fundraiser.


Matt Reason is director of partnerships at Newton, MA-based Booster LLC ( dubbed “Crowdfunding for Causes” by The Boston Globe.
T-shirt fundraising campaigns hosted on let individuals and
nonprofits raise awareness and money by selling cause-branded custom t-shirts and collecting donations online, without the conventional hassles of collecting money, and from buying, managing and shipping inventory. Follow @BoosterLLC on Twitter to learn more about t-shirt fundraising.

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