Building A More Strategic Board Through Trends Awareness

March 23, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Hilton Boston Dedham
25 Allied Drive
MA 02026
Registration is $40 for Members and $60 for Non-Members
New England Society of Association Executives

If you are a little intimidated or unsure of how big global trends could or would have an impact on your nonprofit, you’re not alone! This session will drive home the value of incorporating trends-watching into your organization’s strategic planning process and provide concrete steps for integrating this when you return home.

Join us for this hand-on session where you will have a chance to understand the difference between environmental scanning (trends-watching) and strategic planning. Session attendees will hear the latest information from the ASAE Foundation Foresight Project and have a chance to have a peer-to-peer discussion relative to the potential impact of the trend and then possible responses that would drive association tactics.

Designed for any staff person who has responsibility for strategic planning and/or program development or who thinks about keeping their association relevant in the future, this nuts and bolts interactive session challenges attendees to roll-up their sleeves and walk through a process that they can replicate with their own nonprofit’s leaders.