In End-of-Year Fundraising, Consider Tax Reform in Your Pitches

The end of the calendar year is typically a time of frenzied fundraising for many of our members. This year is no different- except that last week, the federal tax bill passed the House and Senate. It will take affect in 2018.

One of the bill’s effects is that millions of donors across the country will no longer itemize their deductions. Those donors will no longer utilize the charitable tax deduction, beginning with their 2018 contributions. In MNN’s Commonwealth Insights publication earlier this year, we estimated that change could reduce Massachusetts giving by up to $513 million.

As you prepare your end-of-year asks to donors and other supporters, we suggest that you notify them of this change and encourage those affected to take advantage of the charitable deduction while they still can by donating in 2017. If you have already sent out your direct mail campaign, consider making phone calls or starting an online campaign.

MNN remains committed to working with our members, and our colleagues across the country, to advocate for the interests of nonprofits.