Federal Priorities

  • Protect the Charitable Giving Incentive: See the letter to Congress from MNN and Associated Grant Makers.
  • National Council of State Legislatures Nonprofit Caucus (NCSL): MNN is working with other state nonprofit associations to develop a nonprofit caucus within the National Council of State Legislatures to build national support for the sector and to move our policy agenda. NCSL is the key national voice of state legislatures.
  • Council of State Governments Nonprofit Caucus (CSG): MNN will be working to create a similar caucus within the Council of State Governments, which includes not only legislators, but members of the other two branches of state government – executive and judiciary.
  • Create a National Congressional Advisory Council: ¬†We are currently working with the National Council of Nonprofits to provide Congress with advice and guidance on federal nonprofit policy.
  • 1099 Burdens on Nonprofit Employers: We are monitoring federal efforts to repeal the provision in the new federal health care law that would require all employers, including nonprofits, to issue federal 1099 tax forms to all vendors who provide at least $600 over the course of a year. Not only does this require filing many of these tax forms, but it would amount to enormous accounting challenges and costs.

For additional issues at the national level that affect nonprofits, go to: